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2005 Season Results
These are the scores, including the match report intro, for the 2005 Milwaukee Bombers' season.

Anzac Day Exhibition Match

Date: April 24, 2005

Location: La Crosse, WI (Onalaska School Athletic Field)

Minnesota Freeze 4.2.26
Milwaukee Bombers 5.5.35

Match Summary: The Milwaukee Bombers opened their 2005 season off to a rousing come-from-behind victory, 5.5.35 to 3.10.28, over the Minnesota Freeze in La Crosse, WI on Saturday. The Freeze brought a blast of cold air with several new recruits to create a perfect match of competitive action and sub-zero game conditions. Though the Freeze put up a valiant effort and was leading by two goals at three quarter time, the story of the day was how the Bombers dusted off the rust and cobwebs gathered during the off-season to come away with the victory.


MAAFL Round 1

Date: May 7, 2005

Location: Milwaukee, WI (Brown Deer Park)

Dallas Magpies 10.7.67
Milwaukee Bombers 5.11.41

Match Summary: The Milwaukee Bombers opened the 2005 MAAFL season off with a disappointing loss to the Dallas Magpies on Saturday, May 7 at Brown Deer Park by a score of 10.7.67 to 5.11.41. The Bombers started the game off aggressively, controlling possession for most of the first quarter and holding the 'Pies scoreless. The hearty home crowd of 50 fans and spectators had their concerns as first quarter time expired, however, with the Bombers having only 1 goal to show for their 8 possessions within their "red zone" or 50 meters to the goal.


MAAFL Round 2

Date: May 21, 2005

Location: Nashville, TN (Elmington Park)

Milwaukee Bombers 13.7.85
Nashville Kangaroos 7.6.48

Match Summary: The Milwaukee Bombers ran away victors 13.7.85 to 7.6.48 in round 2 of the MAAFL season in a hotly contested game in Nashville. This was a critical match-up for both the Bombers and the Nashville 'Roos as they both started the day 0-1 in league play. The Tennessee heat was a concern for coach Paul "Plugger" O'Keeffe as game-time temperatures in the 80's were something that the northern team from Milwaukee could not prepare for. However, coach Plugger had confidence in the interchange players, which would have their chance to prove that they were the best reserves in the country before the day was done.


MAAFL Round 3

Date: June 11, 2005

Location: Chicago, IL (Rogers Park)

Milwaukee Bombers 9.11.65
Chicago Swans 11.8.74

Match Summary: The Milwaukee Bombers fell 9.11.65 to 11.8.74 in a heartbreaker to the Chicago Swans in round 3 of the MAAFL on Saturday in Chicago.  This game was the most anticipated match-up of the season since the Swans are the oldest and most spirited rival of the Bombers.   The match between the clubs also took on added importance as both entered the game with identical 1-1 records, both teams defeating the Nashville Kangaroos and losing to the Dallas Magpies earlier in the season.  Consequently, this loss to the Swans leaves the Bombers with a difficult route to traverse to claim the 2005 MAAFL premiership.


MAAFL Round 4

Date: June 25, 2005



MAAFL Round 5

Date: July 16, 2005

Location: Milwaukee, WI (Kletzsch Park)

St. Louis Blues 2.3.15
Milwaukee Bombers 17.9.111

Match Summary: The Milwaukee Bombers dispatched the St. Louis Blues in convincing fashion, 17.9.111 to 2.3.15, in round 5 of the MAAFL season in Milwaukee.  This was a critical victory for the Bombers season which kept their hopes of securing a Division 1 berth in the National Championships alive.  Still fresh on the minds of the Milwaukee club was the highly anticipated showdown between these two clubs during the 2004 season in St. Louis, when the Bombers fell in the final minutes after leading throughout most of the game.  This win against the Blues now gives the Bombers precious momentum as they continue on in the second half of their season.


MAAFL Round 6

Date: August 13, 2005

Location: Atlanta, GA (Creel Park)

Milwaukee Bombers 11.11.77
Atlanta Kookaburras 8.9.57

Match Summary: The Milwaukee Bombers made a simple statement to all clubs in the MAAFL over the weekend - "We're back!"  Coming off a convincing victory over the St. Louis Blues, the Bombers made it two in a row by downing the Atlanta Kookaburras 11.11.77 to 8.9.57 in Atlanta.  This was a vital win for Milwaukee as a second-consecutive Division 1 berth in the National Championships now appears to be within their grasp.


MAAFL Round 7

Date: August 27, 2005

Location: Milwaukee, WI (Brown Deer Park)

Cincinnati Dockers 0.0.0
Milwaukee Bombers 13.8.86

Match Summary: The Milwaukee Bombers finished off the 2005 MAAFL season at home with a convincing win over the Cincinnati Dockers, 13.8.86 to 0.0.0.  With this victory, the Bombers finish third in the MAAFL and improve their chances of receiving their second-consecutive Division 1 berth in the National Championships in Milwaukee this October.  Looking back at this win over the Dockers, this may have been the Bombers most impressive showing to date.


USAFL National Tournament

Dates: October 1-2, 2005

Location: Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee Polo Grounds)


Match Summary: The Milwaukee Bombers hosted the 2005 USAFL National Championships in what turned out to be one of the most memorable events in the history of the club. In addition to the raving reviews of the performance of the Milwaukee volunteers off the field on running the tournament, the Bombers on the field played the best footy of their lives. For the first time in USAFL history, the Milwaukee club had three teams competing in a National championships - an indicator of the progress that the club has made over the years. The Bombers Division 1 team reached the Grand Final with an effort that will be recounted by all involved in USFooty for years to come. Several individual awards were also earned, including the Coopers Best and Fairest Medal (MVP) to both Paul "Smitty" Smith in Division 1 and Denielle David in the women's division, and the Paul Roos Most Consistent Medal (best American player) to James Brunmeier in Division 1. After this performance, the expectations will continue to grow for the Milwaukee Bombers. 




Milwaukee Metro Football League - Season 1

Dates: May 18 - June 29, 2005

Location: Delafield, WI (Naga-Waukee Park)


Finals Summary: The first match of the evening at 6:30pm was the third place game featuring the Golden Eagles (2-4) against the South Side Dingoes (2-4). Both teams lost their chance to play for the championship last week in close matches and any residual bitterness from those games was ready to boil over onto the field. The Grand Final at 7:30pm featured the two pre-season favorites, the Madison Mozzies (4-2) and the North Shore Rovers (4-2), squaring off against each other for the MMFL Season 1 cup. The Mozzies have been pure kryptonite to the Rovers all season long, handing them their only two losses during MMFL Season 1.



Madison Exhibition Match

Date: July 30, 2005

Location: Madison, WI (Rennebohm Park)

Minnesota Freeze 8.10.58
Madison Mozzies 10.2.62

Match Summary: On a perfect day for football, players and spectators came out in force for Madison's annual exhibition game on Saturday at Rennebohm Park. The Madison Mozzies team lined up against the visiting Minnesota Freeze with a sprinkling of Milwaukee players on both sides resulting in over 40 total players for the day - including 6 making their Australian Football debut!  



Milwaukee Metro Football League - Season 2

Dates: August 3 - September 14, 2005

Location: Delafield, WI (Naga-Waukee Park)


Finals Summary: The championships for MMFL Season 2 kicked off on a brisk autumn evening at 6:30pm with the fourth-seeded Golden Eagles (2-4) taking on the third-seeded and reigning MMFL Season 1 premiers Madison Mozzies (2-4).  This participants in this game had high hopes coming into this season of play, but those dreams did not materialize as they were relegated to fight for third place.  In the Grand Final, the second-seeded South Side Dingoes (3-3) faced off against the Lake Shore Rovers (5-1).  Under normal circumstances, the Rovers would have been heavily favored to win this contest. The Dingoes last victory, which earned them a berth in the Grand Final game, came against these same Rovers who were attempting to become the first team to ever finish a season undefeated.  After that tremendous match, it was fair to say that either team had a chance to win it all, but that the Dingoes certainly had the momentum.


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