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National Tournament Teams Selected
The Milwaukee Bombers have officially announced the teams to participate at the ninth annual USAFL National Championships, to be held in Milwaukee on October 1-2. (Milwaukee, WI) - The Milwaukee Bombers have officially announced the teams to participate at the ninth annual USAFL National Championships, to be held in Milwaukee on October 1-2. This is the first time in history that any team in the United States will be sending three full clubs to compete in the premier event for Australian Rules Football. The announcement was made last week to much publicized fanfare as the Bombers seek to improve on their top-four finish at Nationals last year in Atlanta. With the spotlight focused squarely on the tournament hosts Milwaukee Bombers, the championships take on an added importance; no host team has ever won the National Championships. Despite the odds against them, the Bombers firmly believe that they are up to the task.

Leading the Bombers first team are co-coaches Paul "Plugger" O'Keeffe and Colin Langley. The first team has aspirations of being seeded in the top division of the tournament (Division 1) for the second consecutive year after another tremendous season the the Mid-American Australian Football League (MAAFL). The first team features four players that have just returned from Australia after playing in the International Cup, representing the United States. 26 players in all were selected by the coaching staff to play for the first team, of which, 24 will have that distinguished honor. The Bombers second team will be led by co-coaches Stuart Smith and Neil "Fez" Hanlon in Division 3 tournament play. Expectations are high for this team, comprised of several club veterans and recent recruits, to capture the National title in their division. The third team comprises the first all-women's team in club history to compete in the women's-only division. Heath Moore will have the humble task of leading this team to the first ever women's crown in US Australian Rules Football.

In the weeks approaching the 2005 National Championships, the Milwaukee Bombers will be having practices every Sunday at Kletzsch Park in Milwaukee. The three teams will work on improving their skill during these practices as a single group, but will also break into their respective teams to focus on strategy for the tournament.


Good luck to each of the Milwaukee teams as they attempt to make history in October!


First Team                              Second Team                     Women's Team

Paul O'Keeffe (coach)          Stuart Smith (coach)           Heath Moore (coach)

Colin Langley (coach)          Neil Hanlon (coach)

1 Jason Becker   1 Scott Acherman   1 Sandy Bradley
2 Bruce Beilfuss   2 Barry Arnold   2 Kristin Ciganek
3 Kevin Brown   3 Teddy Bailey   3 Maggie Ciganek
4 James Brunmeier   4 Lincoln Batt   4 Sandy Ciganek
5 Jared Brunmeier   5 Nick Breach   5 Cecilia Conway
6 Dustin Checkai   6 Steve Burlingame   6 Meredith Harper
7 Andrew Ciganek   7 Paul Burton   7 Maggie Jones
8 Patrick DeFors   8 Todd Catlin   8 Suzy Medwell
9 Gary Hill   9 Michael Carvan   9 Claire Petterson
10 Kurt Landers   10 Scott Cochems   10 Arkansas Smith
11 Colin Langley   11 Paul Conway   11 Raechel Spink
12 Steve Lehmann   12 Jim DeLisle      
13 Heath Moore   13 Chuck Droege      
14 Mike Perrone   14 Ben Ernster      
15 Paul Raisanen   15 Anthony Felton      
16 Ryan Rist   16 Adam Guenther      
17 Dennis Rybarik   17 Neil Hanlon      
18 Brad Ruhge   18 Dave Mahlum      
19 Ben Rodgers   19 Paul O'Connor      
20 Brad Rymer   20 Paul O’Keeffe      
21 Donald Shadian   21 Brian Latus      
22 Ross Siegel   22 Justin Miller      
23 Aaron Siegel   23 Mike Raasch      
24 Paul Smith   24 Shawn Sadowski      
25 Stuart Smith   25 Rock Smith      
26 John Upton   26 Troy Thibedeau      
      27 Mitch Upton      
    28 Andrew Williams      
    29 Bennett Williams      


Paul Rigby

Mitch Upton


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