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Season Report: Metro Season 2
These are the match reports from the 2005 Milwaukee Metro Season 2.

MMFL Season 2 Top Scorers

Name Team Goals Behinds
Dustin Checkai Mozzies 14 17
Mitch Upton Mozzies 13 4
Aaron Siegel Dingoes 8 17
Ross Siegel Eagles 11 4
Colin Langley Dingoes 8 5
Patrick DeFors Rovers 7 6
Steve Lehmann Eagles 5 9
Geoffry (GD) Hann Eagles 5 3
Adam Guenther Rovers 5 3
Paul Smith Mozzies 5 3



MMFL Season 2 Ladder



  Won Lost F A %  
Lake Shore Rovers 5 1 301 199 151  
South Side Dingoes 3 3 243 246 99
Madison Mozzies 2 4 204 241 85
Golden Eagles 2 4 191 253 76




MMFL Season 2 Finals


September 14, 2005

Location: Naga-Waukee Park, Waukesha, WI



The championships for MMFL Season 2 kicked off on a brisk autumn evening at 6:30pm with the fourth-seeded Golden Eagles (2-4) taking on the third-seeded and reigning MMFL Season 1 premiers Madison Mozzies (2-4).  This participants in this game had high hopes coming into this season of play, but those dreams did not materialize as they were relegated to fight for third place.  As the reigning premiers, the Mozzies had high expectations and aspirations of sweeping both league championships.  As for the Eagles, this young team showed promise at the end of Season 1 and at times during Season 2, and were clearly a team on the rise.  As fortunes failed both of these teams, this final match afforded one team the chance to walk off the field winners in the end.  Both teams fired out of the gate in the first half.  Early indications showed that this was going to be a tight affair coming down to the end.  The Mozzies got their offense from Mitch Upton and Colin Langley in the first half, however, Steve Lehmann matched their offensive fury with three goals of his own for the Eagles to keep things square at the half.  The second half was all Mozzies as they stormed away with the win and third place 6.1.37 to 3.0.18.  This victory was a bittersweet consolation prize for the Mozzies as they were able to finish the season on a high.  As for the Eagles, they proved at times during the season that they can be tops in the league.  The future is not all bleak for this young team, as this will serve as the foundation for their run for the championship next year.


Golden Eagles                                                         Madison Mozzies

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Steve Lehmann 1 3     Mitch Upton 1 4 1
Shawn Sadowski 2       Paul Burton 2    
Jason Becker 3       Nick Kaldunski 3    
Ryan Russell 4       Heath Moore 4    
Mike Perrone 5       Kurt Landers 6    
Sandy Bradley 6       Colin Langley 8 2  
Paul O'Conner 7       Ryan Rist 9    
Dave Mahlum 9       Chuck Droege 10    
Scott Acherman 10       Nick Breach 11    
Raechel Spink 11       Barry Arnold 12    
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
1st Half 3 0     1st Half 3 0  
2nd Half 0 0     2nd Half 3 1  
Final Score 3 0 18   Final Score 6 1 37




In the Grand Final, the second-seeded South Side Dingoes (3-3) faced off against the Lake Shore Rovers (5-1).  Under normal circumstances, the Rovers would have been heavily favored to win this contest.  The Rovers were the runners-up in Season 1, had started Season 2 off 5-0, and appeared to be clearly head-and-shoulders above the competition.  The Rovers, however, were facing the Dingoes and perhaps the most intriguing story to pass through the ranks in some time.  After starting off the season 0-3 and with virtually no hope of improving from their last place finish in Season 1, the Dingoes reeled off three straight victories to become one of the unlikeliest finalists for any metro season.  The Dingoes last victory, which earned them a berth in the Grand Final game, came against these same Rovers who were attempting to become the first team to ever finish a season undefeated.  After that tremendous match, it was fair to say that either team had a chance to win it all, but that the Dingoes certainly had the momentum.  A high scoring affair was expected, but the tentative nerves and play by both teams hinted at the combination of intensity and cautiousness of playing in a Grand Final.  After a full half of playing, only one goal had been scored and the Dingoes had the lead.  During the half, the Rovers coach Kurt Landers reminded his team that they had the experience of playing in the Grand Final last season as well as the ability to dominate in a plea for a better showing in the second half.  The Dingoes, on the other hand, had a the lead at the break, and had no pressure on themselves since nearly everybody had written them off halfway through the season.  Playing with this carefree attitude served them well as they exploded with a championship performance and an offensive surge that the Rovers could not match.  The Dingoes exploited mismatches on ball and keep constant pressure on the Rovers from the center, while Steve Lehmann earned best on grounds for the Grand Final with tremendous skill and effort.  In the end, the Dingoes completed the miraculous season turnaround, and moved from "worst" in Season 1 to "first" in Season 2 with a 5.10.40 to 1.6.12 victory over the Rovers.  As for the Rovers, they walked off the field with the feeling of "always the bridesmaid, never the bride" after another disappointing loss in the Grand Final.  This defeat will leave a sour taste in the mouths of coach Kurt Landers and the rest of the Rovers, but will serve as fuel to drive the hunger to come back again next year and win it all.  Congratulations to the Dingoes for their inspiring run to the MMFL Season 2 Premiership!


South Side Dingoes                                                Lake Shore Rovers

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Steve Lehmann 1   1   Mitch Upton 1    
Shawn Sadowski 2 1 1   Paul Burton 2 1  
Jason Becker 3 1     Nick Kaldunski 3   1
Neil Hanlon 4       Heath Moore 4    
Mike Perrone 5   2   Kevin Brown 5   1
Ashley Smith 6 1     Paul O'Connor 6    
Colin Langley 7       Patrick DeFors 7    
Teddy Bailey 8   1   Ryan Russell 8    
Dave Mahlum 9 1     Ryan Rist 9   2
Scott Acherman 10       Chuck Droege 10   1
Ben Rodgers 11 1 4   Nick Breach 11    
Rock Smith 12       Barry Arnold 12    
Rushed     1   Kurt Landers 13    
          Rushed     1
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
1st Half 1 4     1st Half 0 3  
2nd Half 4 6     2nd Half 1 3  
Final Score 5 10 40   Final Score 1 6 12



Round 6 Wrap-up


September 7, 2005

Location: Naga-Waukee Park, Waukesha, WI


The final round of MMFL season 2 began at 6:30pm with the South Side Dingoes (2-3) taking on the Lake Shore Rovers (5-0). The Rovers were looking to make MMFL history by becoming the first team to complete a season undefeated. The Dingoes, on the other hand, could not forget their history against the Rovers. The last time these two clubs met in Round 3, the winless Dingoes put on a comeback for the ages that came up just short. Since that match, the Dingoes have been unstoppable while steadily climbing the MMFL ladder. The odds were against the Dingoes against the undefeated Rovers coming into the game, but a win for the Dingoes would give them a chance to play in their first ever Grand Final next week. The Dingoes started the game off hot taking a substantial lead in the first half while holding the Rovers without a goal. Rovers were playing the game shorthanded, but all excuses aside, came back to life in the third quarter by putting up three majors. But the damage had already been done and the dream season was over for the Rovers as the game was truncated in deference to the impending darkness. Final score: Dingoes 6.8.44 to 3.3.21. This match completed the unbelievable turnaround for Dingoes after starting off the season 0-3. They now had to await the result of the following match to see if their efforts had been enough to make the Grand Final. As for the Rovers, they will be playing in the Grand Final next week, but will likely dread another match against these resurgent Dingoes.


South Side Dingoes                                           Lake Shore Rovers

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Aaron Siegel 1 2 1   Heath Moore 1 1  
Ashley Smith 2       Kurt Landers 2    
Barry Arnold 3 2     Patrick DeFors 3 1 1
Dennis Rybarik 4   1   Ryan Rist 4    
Dustin Checkai 5 1 5   Ryan Russell 5   1
Nick Breach 6       Sandy Bradley 6 1  
Paul Conway 7       Steve Lehmann 7    
Rock Smith 8 1     Rushed     1
Teddy Bailey 9              
Rushed     1          
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 2 3     Quarter 1 0 1  
Quarter 2 2 2     Quarter 2 0 1  
Quarter 3 2 3     Quarter 3 3 1  
Quarter 4 N/A N/A     Quarter 4 N/A N/A  
Final Score 6 8 44   Final Score 3 3 21



The second game at 7:15pm had the Golden Eagles (1-4) matched up against the Madison Mozzies (2-3). The Eagles were mathematically eliminated from making the Grand Final with the Dingoes victory in the first game, which game them the role of spoiler. The Dingoe victory put all of the pressure squarely on the Mozzies side as they needed a convincing victory to keep pace. Entering the final round of MMFL play, the Mozzies were ahead of the Dingoes on percentage by the slimmest of margins possible. On account for darkness, the scheduled four-quarter game was shortened to two-quarters. Consequently, any mistake made by either club would be amplified and could prove fatal. The pressure on the Mozzies to perform showed in the first half as they trailed the Eagles.   A match this close favored the Eagles because the longer they would be able to stay in the contest with the lead, the greater their confidence would build. Unfortunately for the Mozzies, the second half mirrored the first, as the Dingoes were able to hold them off 4.6.30 to 2.7.19. This was a terrific win for the Eagles who were able to salvage some respectability after their freefall in the MMFL ladder throughout the season. The result was extremely disappointing for the Mozzies, the reigning MMFL premiers from season 1, who will not have the chance to defend their title.  With this result, the championship pairings have now been set for next week. In perhaps the most interesting match-ups possible, there will be a re-match between the teams that faced off against each other this week. In a battle for third place, the Madison Mozzies (2-4) will take on the Golden Eagles (2-4) with their bitter loss this week still fresh on their minds. In the Grand Final, the Lake Shore Rovers (5-1) take on the South Side Dingoes (3-3). The Rovers goal this season was to win it all after a heartbreaking loss in the Grand Final last season. They will have to do it against perhaps the most unlikeliest opponent in the Dingoes who have shifted the balance of power in the MMFL with their stellar play. This makes for two interesting and exciting match-ups to determine who walks away with glory in MMFL Season 2.


Golden Eagles                                                         Madison Mozzies

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Sandy Bradley 1       Paul Burton 1    
Steve Lehmann 2 1 3   Mitch Upton 2 1  
Ashley Smith 3       Heath Moore 3    
Scott Acherman 4 1 1   Chuck Droege 4   1
Ryan Russell 5       Dustin Checkai 5   3
Aaron Siegel 6 1 1   Gary Hill 6 1  
Brian Latus 7       Nick Breach 7    
Paul Conway 8       John Upton 8    
Kurt Landers 9       Ryan Rist 9   2
Dave Mahlum 10       Scott Deemer 10   1
Dennis Rybarik 11       Barry Arnold 11    
Shawn Sadowski 12 1            
Rushed     1          
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 2 2     Quarter 1 1 5  
Quarter 2 2 4     Quarter 2 1 2  
Quarter 3 N/A N/A     Quarter 3 N/A N/A  
Quarter 4 N/A N/A     Quarter 4 N/A N/A  
Final Score 4 6 30   Final Score 2 7 19



Round 5 Wrap-up


August 31, 2005

Location: Naga-Waukee Park, Waukesha, WI


Round 5 of the MMFL started at 6:30pm with the reigning premiers Madison Mozzies (2-2) taking on the resurgent South Side Dingoes (1-3).  The Mozzies were coming off a heartbreaking one-point loss to the Lake Shore Rovers last week while the Dingoes, after nearly defeating the Rovers two weeks ago, tallied their first win of the season in a tight match against the Golden Eagles.  As we have now reached the final weeks of Season 2, every game has tremendous implications for seedings in the Grand Final on September 14.  Perhaps feeling the effects of the emotionally draining loss last week, the Mozzies came out with a lackluster performance in the first half of the contest.  The Dingoes seemed to control every loose ball and were able to repel each advancing surge made by the potent Mozzie offense.  Aided by the sharp-shooting precision by Ross Siegel, who made several kicks for goal on the run, the Dingoes had a commanding lead by the halftime break.  Without the presence of coach Barry "Papa Bear" Arnold to settle his Mozzie teammates, the game was nearly at the point of embarrassment for this very proud club.  The halftime arrival of Gary "Gazza" Hill to the Mozzies provided that stability and a newfound intensity.  The Mozzies took to start of the second half showing signs of form we had all grown accustomed to.  Crisp passing, key marking, and creating space led to several scoring opportunities that pulled them back into the game which officially completed the best Jeckel-and-Hyde performance of the year.  The Mozzies still trailed by a daunting 4 goals heading into the final quarter, but repeat of their efforts in the third quarter would bring this game down to the wire.  The Dingoes would have none of that, however, and extended their lead early with a set shot for goal converted by Ross Siegel.  This score only enraged the Mozzies as they furiously attempted to reduce the margin.  This ferocity ultimately was their failing as the intensity put into every kick was too much to keep the ball straight.  Comebacks are made one goal at a time, however, the stellar play of ruckman Ben Rodgers and on-ballers Colin Langley, Mike Perrone, and Brad Ruhge ensured the Dingoes would remain ahead.  Final score, Dingoes stay on a roll 9.6.60 to 5.10.40.  This win by the Dingoes puts them even with the Mozzies in the fight for a place in the Grand Final.  It is both shocking and exciting to see how quickly this team has turned their season around to be in the position they sit today.  The Mozzies, on the other hand, require a win next week to keep pace with the Dingoes.  How exciting the conclusion of the season will be next week as a place in the Grand Final is on the line.


Madison Mozzies                                                 South Side Dingoes

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Mitch Upton 1       Ross Siegel 1 5  
Dustin Checkai 2 1 2   Ashley Smith 2    
Chris Droege 3       Dave Mahlum 3    
Heath Moore 4       Mike Perrone 4   1
Adam Guenther 5   1   Brad Ruhge 5   2
Paul Burton 6 1 2   Colin Langley 6 1 1
Raechel Spink 7       Kurt Landers 7    
Nick Kaldunski 7       Neil Hanlon 8 2 1
Gary Hill 8   2   Ben Rodgers 9    
Chuck Droege 9       Dennis Rybarik 10    
Nick Breach 10       Paul O'Keeffe 11 1 1
Paul O'Connor 11       Rock Smith 12    
Paul Smith 12 3 2          
Rushed     1          
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 0 3     Quarter 1 3 1  
Quarter 2 0 0     Quarter 2 3 3  
Quarter 3 4 2     Quarter 3 2 1  
Quarter 4 1 5     Quarter 4 1 1  
Final Score 5 10 40   Final Score 9 6 60



The second game of the evening at 7:15pm featured the undefeated Lake Shore Rovers (4-0) against the struggling Golden Eagles (1-3).  The Rovers secured a top of the ladder finish for Season 2 with the Mozzies defeat in the 6:30pm game.  The Rovers only battle left for the regular season is to complete what no other team has ever done in MMFL play - finish a season undefeated.  The Eagles, on the other hand, have been struggling since their win in Round 1 and appeared to be no match for the Rovers as they pursued their unprecedented quest.  The Eagles are a team comprised of several new recruits and young players, however, which was something in their favor as they did not understand or care much for the odds they were up against.  The Rovers rushed out of the gate early in the game with several scoring opportunities.  Perhaps the weight of doing something no other team had done before had the Rovers over thinking their kicks as several sure goals sailed wide for behinds and others out-on-the-full.  At the first quarter siren, however, new recruit Nick Kaldunski earned a free kick from 20 yards out that he pounded through for his first-ever goal and some much needed breathing room for the rest of the Rovers.  The second quarter saw no quit in these young Eagles as Mitch Upton was able to put through two goals to bring the game within a goal at the halftime break.  As darkness was rapidly approaching, the Rovers took control in the second half showing the mettle it takes to win it all.  Final score, Rovers season of destiny intact, 8.7.55 to 4.5.29.  Congratulations to new recruits, Nick Kaldunski, Chuck Droege, and Chris Droege who showed up on Wednesday night and played for most of the evening.  New recruits like these will clearly be the future of the MMFL.  Up next for the Rovers in the season finale are the South Side Dingoes.  The Dingoes nearly defeated the Rovers in their last match-up and need a win to reach the Grand Final, which should make this game a ripper.  The Eagles face the Mozzies, and although their struggles continue, still have a slim chance of making the Grand Final with a huge win.


Lake Shore Rovers                                              Golden Eagles

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Kevin Brown 1 1 2   Ross Siegel 1   2
Dustin Checkai 2 1 1   Ashley Smith 2 1  
Andrew Ciganek 3       Scott Acherman 3   1
Heath Moore 4 2 1   Mike Perrone 4    
Adam Guenther 5       Steve Lehmann 5   1
Brad Ruhge 6   1   Nick Breach 6    
Nick Kaldunski 7 1     Chuck Droege 7    
Paul Conway 9       Mitch Upton 8 2  
Kurt Landers 10       Steve Burlingame 9    
Paul O'Connor 11 1     Andrew Williams 10    
Paul Smith 12 2 1   Gary Hill 11 1 1
Rushed     1   Rock Smith 12    
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 3 5     Quarter 1 1 0  
Quarter 2 1 1     Quarter 2 2 2  
Quarter 3 2 0     Quarter 3 1 2  
Quarter 4 2 1     Quarter 4 0 1  
Final Score 8 7 55   Final Score 4 5 29



Round 4 Wrap-up


August 24, 2005

Location: Naga-Waukee Park, Waukesha, WI


Round 4 of the MMFL kicked off at 6:30pm with the reigning premiers Madison Mozzies (2-1) taking on the undefeated Lake Shore Rovers (3-0).  After losing all three matches against the Mozzies in MMFL season 1, including the grand final, the Rovers have been a team possessed, reeling off three consecutive victories.  The Mozzies have also been a team on the move with two straight victories after their season opening loss to the rival Rovers.  With so much on the line for these two leading teams of the MMFL, the game was expected to come down to the very end.  The first quarter was very indicative of the competitiveness between these two clubs.  The Mozzies dominated the quarter on their offensive end, however, that resulted in numerous failed scoring opportunities save one goal by Colin Langley.  The Rovers, on the other hand, were much more efficient, taking the lead at the break with majors on their only two shots at goals.  The second quarter was more of the same for the Mozzies as kick after kick were bullets dodged by the Rovers, who somehow only trailed by a goal at the halftime break.  The Mozzies were able to dominate play in the first half in the ruck by Paul Burton, which led to many opportunities to advance the footy for Aaron and Ross Siegel.  The Rovers were aided in suppressing the Mozzie attack through the return of Green Bay residents Donald "Sir Don" Shadian and Brad Rymer, who showed no ill signs of the nearly three hour trip by continuously chasing down the footy and by making that one extra pass that cleared the Rovers from danger.  Although down at the half, the Rovers knew that if they could come out strong on every possession, they had a chance to win.  The Rovers did just that as they finally began to assert themselves.  However, the poor kicking that mired the Mozzies in the first half seemed to plague the Rovers as they missed two set shots directly in front of goal.  The Mozzies had no pity for their rivals, who were able to extend their lead with clutch marks and goals by full forward Scotty "Mountain" Cochems.  The momentum was surely on the Rovers side as they entered the final quarter as one player began to dominate in crunch time with a "prime time" effort.  Patrick DeFors seemed to be everywhere on the field taking critical marks and kicking for goal.  With each and every possession, the Rovers punched their way back into the game.  It was a final set-shot by Patrick "Patty Prime Time" DeFors that put the team out front by the slightest of margins.  Shortly after, the final horn had sung, the and Rovers had won, 7.4.46 to 6.9.45.  The Rovers now sit comfortably on top of the MMFL ladder, while the Mozzies will likely have to fight tooth-and-nail to make it back to the MMFL grand final.


Madison Mozzies                                                Lake Shore Rovers

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Mitch Upton 1 1 1   Donald Shadian 1    
Heath Moore 2       Brad Rymer 2    
Aaron Siegel 3   4   Patrick DeFors 3 2  
Paul Burton 4   1   Ryan Russell 4 1 2
Dustin Checkai 5 1 2   Adam Guenther 5 1  
Colin Langley 6 1     Brad Ruhge 6   1
Ross Siegel 7       Scott Cobb 7 1  
Gary Hill 8 1     Paul Conway 8    
Scott Cochems 10 2     Andrew Ciganek 9 1  
Raechel Spink 11       Kurt Landers 10    
Barry Arnold 12       Kevin Brown 11   1
Rushed     1   Todd Catlin 12 1  
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 1 4     Quarter 1 2 0  
Quarter 2 2 4     Quarter 2 1 2  
Quarter 3 2 0     Quarter 3 1 2  
Quarter 4 1 1     Quarter 4 3 0  
Final Score 6 9 45   Final Score 7 4 46



After the thrilling conclusion of the first match of the evening, the South Side Dingoes (0-3) took on the Golden Eagles (1-2) in an attempt to continue the enthusiasm.  The South Side Dingoes were having a forgettable season, but a second-half comeback that just came up short against the top Lake Shore Rovers last week might have been the spark they were looking for to jump start their season.  The Golden Eagles, on the other hand, were coming off a game against the Madison Mozzies last week in which victory slipped through their grasp in the final moments of the contest.  This game tonight held great importance for both teams if they were to make a push to reach the grand final of MMFL season 2.  In what turned out to be a low scoring game on account to inaccurate kicks, the game was kept close to only a couple of kicks throughout the contest.  In the end, the South Side Dingoes came away victors, despite kicking a metro league record sixteen behinds, 3.16.34 to 3.7.25.  After starting off the season so promising, the Eagles must find a way back into the win column soon.  The season does not get any easier from hear as they face the undefeated Lake Shore Rovers next week.  As for the Dingoes, this victory brings them back into the race for the MMFL grand final.  Coach Rybarik and the rest of the South Side Dingoes are now only one game back of the Madison Mozzies for championship glory, the very team they are matched up against next week.  This should be a fantastic showdown for this improving club in what will perhaps be a statement game to the rest of the MMFL.


South Side Dingoes                                             Golden Eagles

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Sir Don 1   4   Scott Acherman 0    
Brad Rymer 2       Scott Cobb 0    
Patrick DeFors 3   1   Steve Lehmann 1    
Kevin Brown 4 1 2   Mike Zaborowski 2    
Mahlum 5       Sandy Bradley 3   2
Ashley Smith 5       Mike Ast 4    
Colin Langley 6 1 2   Geoffry (GD) Hann 5 2  
Aaron Siegel 7 1 3   Troy Thibedeau 6   2
Neil Hanlon 8   1   Ross Siegel 7    
Dennis Rybarik 9   1   Gaza 8    
Paul O'Keeffe 10       Brian Latus 9   1
Teddy Bailey 11   1   Scott Cochems 10    
Rock Smith 12       Mitch Upton 10   1
Rushed     1   Boom 11 1 1
          Bennett Williams 12    
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 1 4     Quarter 1 1 1  
Quarter 2 1 6     Quarter 2 0 0  
Quarter 3 1 3     Quarter 3 1 4  
Quarter 4 0 3     Quarter 4 1 2  
Final Score 3 16 34   Final Score 3 7 25



Round 3 Wrap-up


August 17, 2005

Location: Naga-Waukee Park, Waukesha, WI


Round 3 of Season 2 of the MMFL began with the Madison Mozzies facing off against the Golden Eagles at 6:30pm.  Both teams had even records at 1-1, but a win tonight would give them a huge edge in the ladder for the MMFL Season 2 premiership.  On another perfect night for footy, sharp-shooter Dustin Checkai got things started for the Mozzies with an early score for goal.  Mitch Upton then matched that score with one of his own to keep the pressure on the Eagles.  By the end of the first quarter, the Mozzies had a two goal advantage and appeared well on their way to another win.  Coach Scotty "Pieman" Acherman addressed his team during the brief break and implored them to keep the pressure on the Mozzies as this game was not yet out of reach.  That message rang true as they were able to hold the Mozzies to without a goal while bringing them within one goal of the lead.  In the third quarter, the Eagles continued to fluster and bamboozle the Mozzies attack while Geoffry "GD" Hann gave the Eagles their first lead of the game with two goals on the run just before the quarter ended.  The Eagles had several chances to break the game wide open throughout the game, however, Mozzie Heath Moore was able to make several critical marks in the Eagles goal square to keep the match all square at the end of three.  In the final quarter, Coach Barry "Papa Bear" Arnold and the rest of the Mozzies displayed why they are the reigning Season 1 champs by scoring early and regaining the lead.  The next several minutes were tension-filled and furious for every player because the next goal would determine the winner.  With only moments remaining, the ball was advanced by the Mozzies to their half-forward line where head coach "Papa Bear" Arnold kicked the final goal through to secure victory 6.7.43 to 4.7.31.  This victory by the Mozzies places them back into the top of the MMFL ladder, just in time for their showdown with the Lake Shore Rovers next week.  As for the Eagles, they learned that they could compete with the best, but they need to work on closing out games to win against them.  With only half of Season 2 remaining, there is still time for the Eagles to make those adjustments and make a push for the Grand Final.


Madison Mozzies                                                Golden Eagles

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Dustin Checkai 1 2 3   Steve Lehmann 1   3
Mitch Upton 2 1     Ross Siegel 2    
Brad Ruhge 3   1   Aaron Siegel 4 1 2
Patrick DeFors 4       Sandy Bradley 5    
Paul Burton 5   1   Troy Thibedeau 6    
Adam Guenther 6 2 1   Mike Zaborowski 7   1
Heath Moore 7       Scott Acherman 8 1  
Gary Hill 8       Brian Latus 9    
Raechel Spink 10       Greg Latus 10    
Barry Arnold 11 1     Geoffry (GD) Hann 12 2 1
Rock Smith 12   1          
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 3 1     Quarter 1 1 3  
Quarter 2 0 2     Quarter 2 1 2  
Quarter 3 1 1     Quarter 3 2 0  
Quarter 4 2 3     Quarter 4 0 2  
Final Score 6 7 43   Final Score 4 7 31



The second game of the evening at 7:30pm pitted the undefeated Lake Shore Rovers against the winless South Side Dingoes.  On paper, this game appeared to be a clear mismatch and another victory for the Rovers. Games are not played on paper, however, but on the playing field.  The game began just as expected with the Rovers running away with things, taking nearly a five goal lead into the half as their season of destiny did not appear to be in doubt.  Both teams were without their coaches and the superior skills of the Rovers clearly had the advantage in the first half.  The Dingoes, on the other hand, did have Paul "Plugger" O'Keeffe returning to their side after having just returned from Australia to witness the inspired performance of the US Revolution in the International Cup.  He likely had a few words of encouragement to share from that experience that would carry some weight with the rest of the Dingoes and also several tactical schemes up his sleeve that would lead them to believe that they still had a chance.  Consequently, the Dingoes came out with a newfound intensity to start the second half which resulted in several scoring opportunities.  A combination of mistakes by the Dingoes and good defense by the Rovers were the only things that kept them from scoring.  Nearing the end of the quarter, however, the Dingoes finally broke through as Gary "Gazza" Hill scored twice through the middle posts to bridge the gap.  The Dingoes had clearly won play and the quarter as they held the mighty Rover offense scoreless while controlling tempo for the duration of the period.  Perhaps without the guidance of Coach Kurt Landers to steady his players, the Dingoes continued to charge in the final quarter bringing the game to within just a few scores.  The Dingoes welcomed the return of Steve Lehmann as he scored a critical goal to inch the game closer, which was later matched by Plugger as the Dingoes now appeared on the verge of a tremendous victory.  Rover Ross Siegel was not interested in being part of a historic collapse and was able to put one through to end a scoreless drought that lasted nearly half the game.  This did not deter the Dingoes as new recruit Marcel by way of Germany put one through for his first career goal and ever closer to the lead.  Desperation was now evident on both sides as everyone was on the ground trying to pick up loose balls and make that extra pass which would make the difference.  The quarter seemed to last forever for the Rovers, but finally a terrific mark and score from 40 meters out by Patrick DeFors gave them some apparent breathing room.  On the ensuing bounce, however, Heath Moore won the ruck and passed it out to Plugger who drilled it to Teddy Bailey in the forward pocket.  Nerves played no part in this set kick as Teddy calmly sailed it through the middle in what is likely his best game to date.  The Dingoes rushed back to start play once again as surely there must be enough time for just once more chance.  As the ruck was being won by Dingoes, the final siren blew and both teams rushed to the sidelines to add up the scores.  Unfortunate for the Dingoes, however, their effort in the second half came up just short as the Rovers remained undefeated 6.5.41 to 6.3.39.  In perhaps the most exciting game of the season, the Dingoes have many positive things to build on while the Rovers were able to use every last bit of effort they had to secure the win. 


Lake Shore Rovers                                              South Side Dingoes

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Ashley Smith 1       Steve Lehmann 1 1 1
Mitch Upton 2 1     Dustin Checkai 3 1  
Ryan Russell 3   1   Aaron Siegel 4   1
Patrick DeFors 4 2 2   Gary Hill 6 1 1
Adam Guenther 6 1 1   Heath Moore 7    
Andrew Ciganek 7       Greg Latus 8    
Scott Acherman 8 1     Marcel 9 1  
Brad Ruhge 9       Rock Smith 10    
Ross Siegel 10 1 1   Teddy Bailey 11 1  
Paul Conway 11       Paul O'Keeffe 12 1  
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 3 2     Quarter 1 0 0  
Quarter 2 1 3     Quarter 2 0 1  
Quarter 3 0 0     Quarter 3 2 2  
Quarter 4 2 0     Quarter 4 4 0  
Final Score 6 5 41   Final Score 6 3 39



Round 2 Wrap-up


August 10, 2005

Location: Naga-Waukee Park, Waukesha, WI


Round 2 of Season 2 of the MMFL began with the Golden Eagles taking on the Lake Shore Rovers at 6:30pm.  Both teams were coming off convincing victories last week and were fighting for the early lead in the MMFL ladder.  The Rovers took down the Eagles both times they faced each other in Season 1 and were looking to continue their dominance in the rivalry.  The Eagles, on the other hand, were still flying high after their third place finish in the Season 1 finals and were looking to take the next step by vanquishing their dismal history against the Rovers.  After a few minutes of additional warm-ups led by Ryan Lemke, a certified trainer from Velocity Sports, both teams took the field with an extra bounce in their step prepared to battle. The game began under perfect conditions, a stark contrast to last week's stormy weather.  The Rovers took control early in the game, scoring three goals while holding the Eagles to no goals and minimal scoring opportunities.  Ross Siegel got things started for the Eagles by kicking a goal from just inside the center square that found its way past the Rover defense and bounced through the middle posts.  However, it was terrific ball movement and marking by Dustin Checkai and Mike Perrone of the Rovers that led to several scoring opportunities and extended their lead at the halftime break.  The Rovers proved once again in the second half to be too much for the Golden Eagles, walking away with the victory in hand 12.8.80 to 4.3.27, although there were several positives to take away from the game for the Eagles.  The challenge now for coach Scott "Pieman" Acherman of the Eagles is to find a way to rebound from this disappointment and take advantage of the increasing skill level of his new recruits - most notably the "Latus 3" who will surely prove to be lightning in a bottle as the season unfolds.


Golden Eagles                                                      Lake Shore Rovers

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Mitch Upton 1 1     Dustin Checkai 1 4  
Ross Siegel 2 2     Michael Carvan 2    
Bennett Williams 3       Aaron Siegel 3 1 1
Greg Latus 4       Ryan Russell 4 2 1
Steve Peterson 5       Brad Ruhge 5   2
Troy Thibedeau 6   1   Patrick DeFors 6 2 2
Ryan Lemke 7       Adam Guenther 6    
Brian Latus 8       Andrew Ciganek 7    
Jared Latus 9   1   Anthony Felton 8   1
Scott Acherman 10 1     Kurt Landers 10    
Sandy Bradley 12       Mike Perrone 11 3 1
Rushed     1          
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 0 1     Quarter 1 3 1  
Quarter 2 2 0     Quarter 2 3 3  
Quarter 3 2 1     Quarter 3 4 3  
Quarter 4 0 1     Quarter 4 2 1  
Final Score 4 3 27   Final Score 12 8 80



The second game of the evening at 7:30pm featured the South Side Dingoes facing the Madison Mozzies.  Both teams were coming off disappointing starts in Round 1 and were in need of a win to climb back up the MMFL ladder.  Things would surely be different for the Mozzies, who in an attempt to level the sides last week against the Rovers and in a striking show of sportsmanship had their coach Barry "Papa Bear" Arnold lace up for the opposition.  There was no mistake which side he was for this week as he rallied his mates to a two-goal advantage after the first quarter.  The Dingoes began their charge in the second quarter aided by the return of Mike Perrone from a cross-country marathon bike race last weekend and Aaron Siegel fending of wildebeests and small mammals from an unknown extreme locale.  Living off the land seemed to have taken its toll on elder Siegel's legs as he was converting nearly double his kicks for behinds, keeping things nearly level at the half.  Leading into the break, the intensity of the game started to take its toll on the Mozzies as Paul "Rigger" Rigby was inadvertently gashed by his teammate in a contest which required stitches and composure as the Mozzies lead began to dwindle.  Led by "Papa Bear" Arnold, the Mozzies including their new recruits Chuck Droege, Ryan Lemke, took charge in the premiership quarter by scoring two goals while completely shutting down the Dingoe offensive attack.  The Dingoes were not finished just yet and fought bravely in the final quarter, however, kicking inaccuracies doomed their attempt at a comeback.  In the end, it was the Mozzies that ran away comfortably 8.8.56 to 4.6.30.   The road does not get any easier for the Dingoes as they face the undefeated Rovers next week.  The Mozzies, on the other hand, returned back to the form that had them winners of the Season 1 Grand Final.


South Side Dingoes                                             Madison Mozzies

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Ross Siegel 2   1   Dustin Checkai 1 3 1
Dennis Rybarik 3       Paul Burton 2 1  
Mike Perrone 4 1     Mitch Upton 3 1  
Aaron Siegel 5 2 4   Ryan Russell 4    
Mike Raasch 6       Paul Rigby 5 1 2
Ashley Smith 7       Stuart Smith 7    
Brad Rughe 8       Anthony Felten 8    
Kurt Landers 9       Adam Guenther 9 1 1
Teddy Bailey 11 1 1   Chuck Droege 10   2
Rock Smith 12       Ryan Lemke 11   2
          Barry Arnold 12 1  
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 1 0     Quarter 1 3 3  
Quarter 2 2 2     Quarter 2 1 3  
Quarter 3 0 0     Quarter 3 2 2  
Quarter 4 1 4     Quarter 4 2 0  
Final Score 4 6 30   Final Score 8 8 56



Round 1 Wrap-up


August 3, 2005

Location: Naga-Waukee Park, Waukesha, WI


The second season of metro football kicked off under ominous conditions with severe weather threatening after a warm and muggy day on Wednesday, August 3, at Naga-Waukee Park in Waukesha.  The first game of the evening at 6:30pm had the Golden Eagles facing the South Side Dingoes.  These same teams faced off for third place in the Season 1 championships in June, so the question on everyone's minds was 'would familiarity breed contempt?'  The tempo of the game was set by the outstanding ruck play of Jared Latus, which led to several scoring opportunities for the Eagles.  Colin Langley pounded one through to initiate the season while Brad Ruhge sailed one deep from over 40 meters away to give the Golden Eagles a two goal advantage at the end of the first quarter.  The second quarter started off the way the first ended with Brad Ruhge accounting for another goal to keep the pressure on the South Side Dingoes.  Nearing the end of the half, however, the Dingoes came through with their first pure scoring opportunity as Barry "Papa Bear" Arnold sailed one clear over the Eagles last line of defense into the waiting arms of Andrew Ciganek who then put the Dingoes on the board.  The third quarter continued quite competitively as cracked streaks of lighting scattered across the sky.  The Dingoes appeared to be the only team startled by the weather as each of their scoring opportunities were snuffed out by Scotty "Pie Man" Acherman and the Eagle defense, while the game was put out of reach with a couple more goals by Colin Langley.  In the end, it was the Eagles over the Dingoes, 7.7.49 to 3.4.22.  Congratulations to each of the new recruits; David Malhum, Steve Peterson, Sandy Bradley, and Brian Latus.  They each played quite well in their first game and displayed an uncanny instinct to play the sport of Aussie Rules.


Golden Eagles                                                      South Side Dingoes

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Mitch Upton 1 1 1   Ross Siegel 1 1  
David Malhum 4   1   Ashley Smith 3    
Brad Ruhge 5 3 2   Brian Latus 4    
Colin Langley 6 3 2   Andrew Ciganek 5 1  
Jared Latus 8       Steve Peterson 6    
Scott Cobb 9       Sandy Bradley 8    
Raechel Spink 10       Kurt Landers 8   2
Scott Acherman 11       Teddy Bailey 10   1
Rock Smith 12   1   Barry Arnold 11    
          Geoffry (GD) Hann 12 1 1
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 2 3     Quarter 1 0 0  
Quarter 2 1 1     Quarter 2 1 0  
Quarter 3 1 3     Quarter 3 0 1  
Quarter 4 3 0     Quarter 4 2 3  
Final Score 7 7 49   Final Score 3 4 22



The second game of the evening featured the two teams that played in the Grand Final in season 1; the North Shore Rovers and Madison Mozzies.  The weather that was threatening during the first game finally arrived just in time to start off the match.  The pouring rain was openly welcomed by the players as it cooled down the field that had been cooking all day long from temperatures soaring in the 90's.  Combined with uncomfortable dew points hovering in the 70's, any break from the heat was a refreshing sign of relief.  All of the fans that came out and flanked the sidelines to show their support surely were not as appreciative.  Knowing that the conditions of this game would require a different set of skill, Colin Langley and GD Hann encouraged players to attack the ball in the game and reminded them that a kick of 20 meters on the ground would be equal to at least twice that under normal conditions.  The Rovers came out strong to start the match with Ross Siegel and Kevin Brown giving the Mozzies fits by storming out of the ruck with the ball, creating and converting several scoring opportunities.  The rain did little to dampen the Mozzies spirit as they kept fighting back in the match with Ryan Rist winning the ruck, which led to goals by Paul Burton and Scott Cobb before the halftime break.  The third quarter saw the Rovers take charge and run in packs, resulting in four majors - including the first goal by new recruit Steve Peterson.  Although the pouring rain, daunting lightning, and booming thunder were not enough to halt the play of these footballers, ultimately it was darkness that stopped the match prematurely at the end of the third quarter with the Rovers out front 9.4.58 to 2.3.15.  After a couple of exciting matches played under dire conditions, all players celebrated the start of the season with a BBQ featuring beverages generously provided by Fosters.


North Shore Rovers                                             Madison Mozzies

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Ross Siegel 1 2     Mitch Upton 1    
Kevin Brown 2 2     Paul Rigby 2    
Ashley Smith 3       David Malhum 4    
Rhyno Russell 4       Paul Burton 5 1  
Andrew Ciganek 5 2 3   Colin Langley 6    
Steve Peterson 6 1     Ryan Rist 7    
Paul Conway 7 1     Geoffry (GD) Hann 8   1
Kurt Landers 8       Scott Cobb 9 1 1
Todd Catlin 9 1 1   Raechel Spink 10    
Teddy Bailey 10       Scott Acherman 11    
Barry Arnold 11       Rock Smith 12    
          Rushed     1
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 2 2     Quarter 1 1 0  
Quarter 2 3 0     Quarter 2 1 0  
Quarter 3 4 2     Quarter 3 0 3  
Quarter 4 0 0     Quarter 4 0 0  
Final Score 9 4 58   Final Score 2 3 15

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