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Match Report: Milwaukee v St. Louis
The Milwaukee Bombers dispatched the St. Louis Blues in convincing fashion, 17.9.111 to 2.3.15, in round 5 of the Mid-American Australian Football League (MAAFL) season on Saturday, July 16 in Milwaukee. 

(Milwaukee, WI) - The Milwaukee Bombers dispatched the St. Louis Blues in convincing fashion, 17.9.111 to 2.3.15, in round 5 of the Mid-American Australian Football League (MAAFL) season on Saturday, July 16 in Milwaukee.  This was a critical victory for the Bombers season which kept their hopes of securing a Division 1 berth in the National Championships alive.  Still fresh on the minds of the Milwaukee club was the highly anticipated showdown between these two clubs during the 2004 season in St. Louis, when the Bombers fell in the final minutes after leading throughout most of the game.  This win against the Blues now gives the Bombers precious momentum as they continue on in the second half of their season.


During pre-game warm-ups, both sides realized that the summer heat would take its toll on players.  Relief from clouds was absent on this typical mid-summer afternoon as the starting temperature for this contest approached 90 degrees.  The start of the game began ominously for the home-team Bombers as it was all St. Louis in the first five minutes.  After tallying the first goal and behind of the game, the Blues did not appear to be affected by the heat, the relatively large home crowd, or the task of winning on the road.  Unbeknownst to those on the sidelines, however, a ferocity quelled at the start of the match was about to be released in a way that no fan or player had ever witnessed before by a Milwaukee team.  It started with an exchange from Donald "Sir Don" Shadian to Colin Langley followed by a mark by Paul "Smitty" Smith in the forward pocket who calmly converted it into the first major for the Bombers.  It continued as ruckman Ben Rodgers began to win his fair share of taps, which led to more exchanges on the Bombers side of the field and several more goals by Smitty, the young Aussie on the Milwaukee offensive front.  The rout was then confirmed as the Bombers defense recovered from their early lapse to suppress every scoring opportunity for the Blues with a ruthless greed and hunger that could be felt with every critical deflection and mark made by defenders Kurt Landers, Dustin Checkai, and Stuart Smith.  Once the Bombers stopped to rest for a moment during the halftime break, they began to realize what was happening - they were in the midst of their best performance as a team in club history.


There were no celebrations in the halftime huddle, however, as it was only one year ago that the Bombers ran out to an early lead against this same St. Louis team, only to be caught in the second half and lose the game in the waning minutes.  The Bombers now had their chance to remedy their errors of a year ago and avenge their only loss of the 2004 MAAFL season.  Having been double-teamed since halfway through the second quarter, the Bombers needed someone else besides Smitty to step-up and take charge of the match to put the Blues away.  No one person answered that call for Milwaukee as it was the entire team, unified, committed, and selfless that marched on and walked off the field together with passion and pride in one hand and the victory in the other.  


A win against one of the top teams in the country to start the second half of the season will help the Bombers as they fight to turn their season around.  As for the Blues, the final score was unfortunate because it was not indicative of the effort and tenacity they put forth throughout the contest, rather the decadence and desire displayed by the Bombers.  The Blues came out kicking and marking like the reigning two-time MAAFL premiers, but in the end, it was the fury and persistence of the Bombers that ruled the day.  In a game where everyone on the Bombers played their best and in which everyone's name deserves mention, one player's performance stood out among the rest.  Accounting for a record 12 goals, Paul "Smitty" Smith's efforts will go down in Bombers lore and surely will be recounted for years to come. 


A special thanks go out to the hundreds of fans that came out and suffered with the players in the relentless summer heat.  Thanks also go out to the Blues for making the trip up to Milwaukee and were exemplar sportsmen on the day.  Final thanks go out to the Milwaukee Bomber reserves that played in the curtain raiser at noon to open up afternoon with some terrific footy action.  These players not only put on a spectacular performance for the ever-growing Aussie Rules fan base in Milwaukee, they stayed around to help out with essential duties like running water and marking sidelines for the featured match against the Blues.


Up next in round 6 of the MAAFL for Milwaukee are the dangerous Atlanta Kookaburras in Atlanta on August 13.  The Bombers had the final edge against Atlanta in Milwaukee last season in a close contest and will surely be looking to even the score.   Further game details will follow in the coming weeks for this highly anticipated showdown.

St. Louis              2.3.15
Milwaukee    17.9.111
@ Kletzsch Park, Milwaukee, WI


Box Score


Milwaukee Bombers    

Name # Goals Behinds  
Jason Becker 21   1  
Bruce Beilfuss 5 1    
Kevin Brown 1   1  
Jared Brunmeier 25  1  1  
Dustin Checkai 6 1 1  
Andrew Ciganek 57 1    
Patrick DeFors 24      
Gary Hill 14   1  
Kurt Landers 11      
Colin Langley 17   1  
Heath Moore 4      
Mike Perrone 48      
Paul Raisanen 12   2  
Ryan Rist 40      
Ben Rodgers 41      
Dennis Rybarik 13      
Donald Shadian 34 1    
Aaron Siegel 28      
Ross Siegel 2      
Paul Smith 27 12 1  
Stuart Smith 44      
Andrew Williams 20      

                              Milwaukee Bombers 


                                St. Louis Blues 

  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 4 2     Quarter 1 1 1  
Quarter 2 3 0     Quarter 2 0 1  
Quarter 3 5 4     Quarter 3 0 0  
Quarter 4 5 3     Quarter 4 1 1  
Final Score 17 9 111   Final Score 2 3 15



Other results from round 5 of the MAAFL

Nashville      8.9.57
Atlanta        7.10.52
@ Nashville, TN

Chicago    17.6.108
Cincinnati     2.4.16
@ Cincinnati, OH

Dallas - bye



Curtain Raiser Box Score


Lions                                                                             Bombers

Name # Goals Behinds   Name # Goals Behinds
Jimmy Arnold 2       Mike Raasch 8    
Mike Carvan 5       John Upton 11    
Troy Thibedau 6 2     Barry Arnold 14   1
Brad Rymer 7       Rock Smith 27    
Raechel Spink 11       Ashley Smith 29    
Patrick DeFors 12 2 1   James 30    
Paul Conway 13   2   Teddy Bailey 33 1 1
Ben Williams 14 1     Adam Guenther 35  
Mike Zaborowski 15       Anthony Felton 37    
Andy Williams 17 3     Mitch Upton 38  4  
Scott Acherman 19 3     Nick Breach 52    
  Goals Behinds       Goals Behinds  
Quarter 1 6 1     Quarter 1 0 0  
Quarter 2 0 0     Quarter 2 2 3  
Quarter 3 3 2     Quarter 3 2 0  
Quarter 4 2 0     Quarter 4 1 1  
Final Score 11 3 69   Final Score 5 4 34


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