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2004 Results
These are the results from the 2004 season.

USAFL National Tournament

Dates: October 9-10, 2004

Location: Atlanta

Division I


Game 1

Milwaukee 7.5.47
St. Louis 1.2.8

Match Summary: In a game that was marketed as a re-match of their only loss during the 2005 MAAFL schedule, the Bombers took control of the game early.  Several outstanding individual efforts allowed the Bombers to post one of their most impressive showings of the season.


Game 2

New York 2.3.15
Milwaukee 1.3.9

Match Summary: In a game the Bombers knew they had to win for the right to reach the Division 1 final, a hard-fought contest commenced.  A pep-talk by Kevin Sheedy prior to the game emphasized the significance of the match for the club.  In what turned out to be the most physical game Milwaukee had played all season, the Bombers simply ran out of time and fell one goal short to New York Magpies.


Game 3

Milwaukee 5.7.37
San Diego 2.8.20

Match Summary: The final game of the tournament was to be the final game of the season for Milwaukee.  In an emotional appeal to finish the season on a high note, Coach Langley and Plugger announced their retirement during a stunning pre-game speech.  Like caged lions awaiting their release, the Bombers took the field and control of the game.  Terrific individual efforts from the day will be remembered, but what will not be forgotten after the victory is the team that Coach and Plugger built over the past three years - the very team that carried them both off the field in Hollywood-esque fashion and into the twilight of their playing careers.



Division III


Game 1

Baltimore / Washington 10.13.73
Milwaukee (B) / Minnesota 0.0.0

Match Summary: In what is likely one of the strongest indicators of the progress that the Milwaukee Bombers have made as a club, the 2004 National tournament featured a second, Division III team.  Only a few years earlier, the Bombers struggled to field a single team of their own to the season's premier competition.  The team consisted of first-year players from Milwaukee, many of whom had recently been introduced to footy, as well as a handful of Minnesota players to form the "Freezing Bombers".  The first game for these Bombers was against a very strong Baltimore / Washington team that had played in Division II in the 2003 tournament.  In what can be best described as "growing pains", the Freezing Bombers fought valiantly but ultimately were unsuccessful in posting a win. 


Game 2

Mohave Greens / Tucson Javelinas 13.9.87
Milwaukee (B) / Minnesota 0.0.0

Match Summary:  The second match for the Freezing Bombers was against the most unique team of the tournament, the Mohave Greens.  The Greens consist entirely of US Army Soldiers stationed at Ft. Irwin, California.  The Bombers proved no match for their military might as the learning curve for these young footy players appeared to be very steep.   


Game 3

Cincinnati / Pittsburgh 10.7.67
Milwaukee (B) / Minnesota 0.2.2

Match Summary: In the final game of the tournament, the Freezing Bombers were pitted against the eventual Division 3 champions.  Foreshadowed to be the Bombers worst drubbing of the tournament,  the game appeared to be yet another forgettable performance after once again surrendering a substantial first half score.  Unbeknownst to many, however, that half-time break was the moment when the team officially entered the competition.  Whether it was the final 20 minutes of the season looming ahead that inspired these mates or that their breaking point was reached when, as a team, the Freezing Bombers finally said "enough", the team gelled and put on a performance to finish the season that can only be termed "remarkable".  By nearly holding the Division 3 champions scoreless in the second half as well as scoring their first points of the tournament, this inspirational performance is something tangible that these footy players can build on for the 2005 season.



Women's Game


Devils 7.5.47
Grubbers 6.5.41

Match Summary: In a landmark event for Milwaukee, the Bombers featured their first woman to play for the club; Maggie Ciganek.  Playing in the second annual women's game at the USAFL National Tournament, Maggie was teamed with Kathryn ("Bitch Kat") from Minnesota to play for the Grubbers.  In a close match that was determined by a single kick, Bitch Kat put on a spectacular performance scoring two goals.  Maggie's performance also proved noteworthy, scoring a couple of points in a losing effort.  The future is very bright for these players as the goal for next year's National Tournament in Milwaukee will be to field a full team consisting solely of players from the Milwaukee Bombers.




Mid American Australian Rules Football League (MAAFL)


Round 1

Date: May 15, 2004



Round 2

Date: June 5, 2004

Location: Milwaukee (Brown Deer Park)

Nashville 4.2.26
Milwaukee 12.11.83

Match Summary: In Milwaukee's first-ever MAAFL game, the Bombers were out to prove that they belonged in the premier US-Footy league.  Played on a soggy Brown Deer Park field, the match revealed early confidence in a team that had the potential to compete for the league championship.  The Bombers took the lead early in the match and never looked back.


Round 3

Date: June 26, 2004

Location: Milwaukee (Brown Deer Park)

Chicago 8.6.54
Milwaukee 12.6.78

Match Summary: Milwaukee's second-ever MAAFL game was set against their oldest rivals - the Chicago Swans.  Over the years the Swans have generally had the better of the Bombers, however, Milwaukee was out to prove that it was not the same team of the past.  In a game as heated as any rivalry game should be, the Bombers secured victory by four goals.


Round 4

Date: July 24, 2004

Location: Milwaukee (Milwaukee Polo Club)

Atlanta 3.8.26
Milwaukee 6.15.51

Match Summary: This match-up was thought to be the 'match of the year' by many throughout the MAAFL, pairing the remaining undefeated teams against each other for the MAAFL season lead.  In a match where straight-kicking was at a premium, the Bombers had the final edge and a convincing victory in this highly anticipated showdown.


Round 5

Date: August 14, 2004

Location: St. Louis

Milwaukee 8.7.55
St. Louis 9.10.64

Match Summary: Riding the high from Atlanta victory, Milwaukee came out strong with an early lead after the first quarter.  Before the end of the second quarter, however, both the momentum and the composition of the game would shift dramatically.  Playing in an extremely close match, St. Louis took a slight lead into the fourth quarter - a lead that would not be relinquished.  The Bombers put forth a valiant effort, but fell to the Blues for their first loss of the season.


Round 6

Date: August 28, 2004

Location: Cincinnati

Milwaukee 13.18.96
Cincinnati 6.8.42

Match Summary: Unseasonably high temperatures in Cincinnati coupled with a St. Louis hangover were the backdrop for this critical, season-turning match.  Thoroughly outplayed during the first two quarters, team confidence was in jeopardy and the Bombers season hung in the balance.  In a second-half performance that characterized the heart of this Milwaukee team, victory was snatched from the Dockers and the Bombers prevailed with an offensive explosion.


Round 7

Date: September 11, 2004

Location: Dallas

Milwaukee 12.17.89
Dallas 5.11.41

Match Summary: Played in the heart of Dallas summer heat, the Bombers took the field controlling their own destiny for a share of the MAAFL title.  In a tight game the Bombers led throughout, it was in the fourth quarter that Milwaukee pulled away with a championship performance.  With a share of the MAAFL title in hand and a secured berth in the Division 1 national championship, the Bombers reached their season-long goals and headed to Atlanta with an optimistic perspective that was earned through hard-effort and commitment.  Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bombers - an outstanding accomplishment in their first year of MAAFL play.



Metro Milwaukee Footy League - Season 2 (July - August, 2004)


Metro League Summary: The second instantiation of the Metro league in Milwaukee commenced in mid-July on Wednesday evenings at the Lakefront.  Lake Michigan was the backdrop for an outstanding exhibition of talent and skill by Aussie Rules football players.  There were several objectives of the Metro Milwaukee footy league, among them, to introduce the game to new players, to showcase the sport in a highly visible location, and to allow players to practice and improve their skills in weekly competition.  Just as first season of Metro footy proved to be a success in the spring of 2004, the second season was also very successful.  Several new players joined weekly and the skill level of all players, from beginners to veterans of the sport, improved from week-to-week.  With the next Metro Milwaukee footy league scheduled to begin in spring 2005, new players are encouraged to contact the Bombers and join the excitement!


Round 1

Date: July 14, 2004

Location: Milwaukee Lakefront

Milwaukee Emus/Milwaukee Kookaburras 9.0-54
Milwaukee Cock-a-toos/Milwaukee Galahs 5.0-30


Round 2

Date: July 24, 2004

Location: Milwaukee Lakefront

Milwaukee Emus/Milwaukee Cock-a-toos 6.1-37
Milwaukee Galahs/Milwaukee Kookaburras 9.1-55


Round 3

Date: July 31, 2004

Location: Milwaukee Lakefront

Milwaukee Emus/Milwaukee Kookaburras 7.2-44
Milwaukee Galahs/Milwaukee Cock-a-toos 6.1-37


Round 4

Date: August 11, 2004

Location: Milwaukee Lakefront

Milwaukee Cock-a-toos/Milwaukee Galahs 11.0-66
Milwaukee Emus/Milwaukee Kookaburras 3.5-23


Round 5

Date: August 18, 2004

Location: Milwaukee Lakefront

Milwaukee Cock-a-toos/Milwaukee Kookaburras 9.2-56
Milwaukee Galahs/Milwaukee Emus 8.1-49

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