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Bombers Third Quarter Report
This is the Third Quarter Report for the 2004 Milwaukee Bombers.



2004 was a significant year for the club. A flood of new recruits joined more experienced blokes and brought Milwaukee’s game to a higher level. Training was mainly conducted at Kletszch Park with the occasional foray to the MSOE fields in the city. These became more frequent as Nationals approached.


Overall, it was apparent that skills improved from the first day at Kletszch to the last session by the lakefront. Goal kicking still remains the bane of Bomber’s existence, hopefully 2005 will see an improvement in this area (depending on whether G.D. is leading the charge or not).





Playing down at the lakefront over the course of the season was a roaring success. The Bombers played two short seasons down on the rugby fields and most were extremely well attended. Team commitment was once again shown as Bombers came from as far a field as Green Bay and Madison just for the chance to kick the footy for an hour or so. We had over 55 different players participate at some point during both seasons.


We look forward to starting again next year where we hope that some of the spectators we had this year may even pull on the boots. By the way guys, let’s try and keep the injuries to a minimum next year.



International News


The introduction of Hampton Rovers player Luke Woolrich was a fantastic addition to the club in terms of enthusiasm, skill, and additional coaching tips. Playing for a club in Melbourne meant that Luke brought valuable insight into the game at both a physical and mental level. The Milwaukee Bombers executive and players want to thank Luke for his friendship and never faltering effort throughout 2004. If the caliber of Luke is anything to go by, we cannot wait to see what ’05 brings us from Australia. Jared Brunmeier, winner of the 2004 AFL Essendon Scholarship, played with Hampton for four months during 2004 and kicked off the exchange program.


James Brunmeier cleaned up at the Bombers 2004 Best and Fairest and was a most deserving winner. On top of this he was also the proud recipient of the Macquarie Scholarship for 2005 . This means that James will be leaving the United States and heading to Sydney where he will attend university and play lots of footy. Obviously the entire club wishes him the very best of luck.


Campbell Johnson left the humidity of Atlanta immediately after Nationals were completed. It was quite clear from the emotions on the field that he will be sorely missed around the club – especially by me, as I’ll have to take over dishwashing duty at Plugger’s. Cam assisted Coach Langley during MAAFL games and was instrumental in setting up the Metro competition. We hope that he finds France a second home and that he’s still able to watch his beloved Dockers play in next years comp’. They may even make the finals.


International guests also arrived as part of the club’s efforts in 2004. Sam Sheedy, Coach Kevin Sheedy’ son,  played with the Bombers in our last Division 3 match and was instrumental in assisting with the scoring of one of our 2 points of the competition. Coach Kevin Sheedy, Sam, Kevin Morris and Dave Matthews (of the AFL) visited Milwaukee after the Nationals and were our guest at the Green Bay Packers Monday Night game and at a tour of the University of Wisconsin Football Program. It was fantastic to meet and have the opportunity to speak to one of the true icons of the game. Kevin was certainly taken aback by the number of players down in Atlanta, and we hope that he takes this experience back with him to the AFL commission.




The Nationals in Atlanta were a culmination of a hard fought year for Milwaukee. Not only on the footy field where we managed wins against some quality opposition, but off the fields as well. The lack of respect that the Bombers have had to face in seasons past was quickly forgotten when we turned up with two teams and fought in every contest. Regardless of whether a player was on the field in the 1st or 3rd team it was evident for all and sundry that this is a club that plays for the jumper, a club that plays for each and every member, a club that plays with pride.


I know that everyone enjoyed the experience of playing in a competition of this size whether you’d done it before or were attending Nationals for the first time. The atmosphere was awesome. Roll on 2005.



Preparing for 2005


We have a new Board in place and have begun preparations for hosting the 2005 Nationals. The Board that will lead us in 2005 is:

  • President: Paul O'Keefe

  • Secretary: Neil Hanlon

  • Treasurer: Barry Arnold

  • Webmaster: Andrew Ciganek

  • Metro Commissioner: Paul "Irish" Conway

  • Umpire Coordinator: Chris Ballman

  • Aussie Club Director: Robyn Fredrichs

  • Nationals Coordinator: T


Special Mentions


How could this quarterly report ever be filed without mentioning two key retirees from the Bombers playing and coaching staff? Footy’s a tough game, and one of the key draws for new players and those continuing to lace up the boots, is passion. Anyone associated with the game knows how the players feel about the sport to some degree, yet, if you weren’t in the huddle before the San Diego game at Nationals you don’t know how it truly affects us when we have to give it away.


Without wanting to inflate egos, Plugger O’Keeffe is the reason that the Bombers exist. He’s the reason we love pulling on the red and black. Coach Langley is the reason that we’re better than we were at the start of each season. He’s the reason that we’re fitter, more skillful, smarter players. Plugger and Coach instill the love of the game into each and every one of us. The passion with which they love the game has been passed on to a new crop of players, who we hope will love the game as much as those leaving it.


There are many, many things that could be written about them, but I think that I can sum it up in the following few words, thank you.

It was a great season for the Bombers and we eagerly await 2005.
Neil Hanlon
Club Secretary

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