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Swans defeat valiant Bombers
Saturday June 26th: The Milwaukee Bombers played host to arch nemesis the Chicago United at Brown Deer Park in Milwaukee. Due to the USA-Ghana match the game was played earlier to accommodate the world cup festivities, kicking off at 11am. Both teams fielded 18 a side, and while there were a number of new faces present for the Bombers, it was not evident in the way the match was played with both teams demonstrating a ferocity and attack on the ball fitting of the rivalry between these two clubs.
While the more experienced and bigger Chicago side got the better of the Bombers in general play the first quarter, they were unable to convert their dominance into a significant advantage on the scoreboard due largely to Milwaukee’s hard working defensive play. Paul Raisanen, in his first game for the season, was having a blinder in the back pocket, while the addition of Patrick Defors and Heath Moore to the line up gave the Bombers an outlet to relieve the pressure from defense that had been missing in the opening games of the season. Kurt Landers, Rich Grose, Corey Malchow and Mike Baguhn also provided plenty of defensive pressure in the back half, unsettling the Chicago attack. While Chicago was having trouble finding the goals however, Milwaukee was having trouble scoring at all, with Chicago’s defensive tall’s easily repelling Milwaukee’s forward advances in the opening quarter.

The second quarter showed great promise for the Bombers with their less experienced players tacking the game to the Chicago lineup. Adam Kanack looked to have found his feet in the competition, demonstrating not only does he have the athleticism and skill to play the game but the toughness in the contest and heart to become one of Milwaukee’s leaders on the field. Matt was given an initiation of fire, his good form in the Madison match prompting the Bombers brain trust to throw him directly into the Middle in his first MAAFL contest. Despite copping a heavy knock early, Matt’s attack on the ball never waivered picking up a number of key contested positions in the middle of the ground for the Bombers in a performance that ensures he become a fixture in the midfield for the remainder of the season. Gary ‘Ferrari’ also had his best performance for the club, using the space beautifully to get on top of his opponent at half forward and providing probably the only legitimate forward option for the Bombers in the first half. A toe poke goal on the line demonstrating the Ferrari’s willingness to run and providing the Bombers only major for the half.

While Chicago had managed to get on top on the scoreboard during the first half of footy, Milwaukee went into the main break quietly confident that they would be more than competitive in the second knowing Aaron Siegel, Rhew and Holden were capable of having an impact of the bench and that Vanica and James would run at 100 percent all day. Unfortunately for Milwaukee the second half started poorly for the Bombers, Chicago winning back to back center clearances and posting two goals in quick succession to stretch the lead. To the delight of the home crowd however, Milwaukee continued to fight, Malchow and Vanica starting to find plenty of the ball across the middle of the ground and forwards O’Connor, Chanthavong, Coad and Beilfuss beginning to take clean possession of the ball. While in general play the game had evened out, Milwaukee were unable to mount any scoreboard pressure on the Chicago side. O’Connor missed running into open goal on a slight angle and Andy Vanica looked more nervous than Landon Donovan during his penalty kick against Ghana when lining up from 25 meters out directly in front to post yet another behind.

Things were made more difficult in the fourth for Milwaukee with Brad Ruhge and Rhew joining Rich Grose on the boundary, unable to return to the field. Despite limited preparations this season, Ellery, Holden and Jeremy ‘Huggy bear’ Moore did not let the side down providing a much needed on field boost for the Bombers. With the Burrito Ross Siegel rested, having spent more time on the bench this game (5 min) than in the last 10 years of footy, the Bombers continued to fight as if they were only 1 point down in the contest. Beilfuss couldn’t quite match his heroics from last year’s finals against Nashville hitting the post from tight in the forward pocket late in the game. In the end it was Chicago comfortably. Despite the margin, the feeling around the Milwaukee club was positive reflecting the effort put forward by the players on the day. Milwaukee can take heart in knowing they gave a strong contest while fielding an almost 100% US side. Armed with the knowledge that their 2010 scholarship player is about to arrive along with the return of 2010 club best and fairest winner Rob Humphrys, the Bombers will be looking forward to a strong finish to the summer.

Bombers Best: Raisanen, Kanack, Ferrari, Matt, Vanica, Defors

Corka Award: Rhew. Friday night sessions and early morning footy in 90 degree heat don’t mix well ask O’Connor and Moore!

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