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Bombers Invade Madison
ImageOn a hot, sunny, humid, cold, rainy day Official Milwaukee Bomber training was held in Madison Wisconsin Sunday marking the beginning of once monthly Bomber training in our states capital in 2010. A good number of Milwaukee based players made the trip, joining their Madison based teammates for a short 45 minute training session followed by a Milwaukee v Madison intra-club metro game. In addition to the players, the day attracted some fans including the Bomber’s number 1 supporter Al, Bomber great Gary Hill (after completing a triathlon in the morning) as well as some lovely ladies to lend there support.

With Midfielders Patty Defors and the Burrito missing from Milwaukee’s lineup, the Madison team looked the better outfit on paper with the big man Heath Whelan teaming up with the Moore brothers and a recently returned from Australia Doren James. At the start of the game however it was the Milwaukee team that led from the front. The Ferrari’s cannons were proving too much for Adam Kanack in the ruck giving Milwaukeeans Malchow and Janet Kmiecik first use of the ball out of the middle on a reduced field. Once again it was Aussie Nathan Coad who capitalized for Milwaukee kicking 3 goals for the travelers in the first half and setting up an early lead for his team after some nice passages of team play. The frustration within the Madison team was beginning to show with Kurt Landers copping one high from James. Just when it looked like Milwaukee were going to have it all there own way, it was rookie Matt who sparked the Madison team, winning the center clearance and following up his kick to post Madisons first major score. Heath Moore who’s new facial growth seemed to complement his on field maturity and poise while knocking 10 years off his looks also began to fire, getting on top of Jason Kmiecik who had pushed forward for the day leaving his much smaller statured wife to deal with Heath Whelan down back. While Jeremy Moore’s trademark soccer attempt only managed a point, quick goals to Kanack, James and Whelan meant the scores were again level at the half.

In what could only be dramatized as a fierce clash of the Titans, Doren James and Corey Malchow continued there on field battle in the second half, fighting hard at every contest with neither player prepared to lower their colors. Unlike the beginning of the first half however, in the second Heath Whelan began to show his class, winning it out of the middle and feeding runners Matt and Kanack with clean possessions to set up an early two goal lead. The slick heavy ball was causing issues for some. Malchow found the ball harder to handle than a bar of soap while Jeremy Moore couldn’t keep his legs underneath him when finding the wettest spot on the ground. While Jeremy was struggling to the surface for air however, first year player Ferrari took away the ball away with ease, looking like he had played in the wet many more times than the veteran Moore. As the game drew to a close, Milwaukee looked to be capable of closing the gap with Whelan missing the chance to seal the game, deciding to put boot to ball from 25 meters out rather than taking a bounce and running into the open goal. Despite back to back opportunities, Malchow could not manage a goal and when Nathan Coad’s kick sailed truly off the boot through for a behind time had run out for the Milwaukee side, going down by 2 goals to Madison.

Thank you to all the bombers and supporters for coming out with a special thanks Heath Whelan for opening up his patio for after game drinks. Apologies to Matt’s client. You are going away for a long long time brother…

Best: MADSION Matt, Adam Kanack, Whelan, H Moore; MILWAUKEE: Ferrari, Malchow, Janet Kmiecik, Coad.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Koth 


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