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Match Report: Milwaukee v Nashville
Well the day started with a warm one, the temp was at 80’F before the match and it only got warmer. The ground wasn’t mowed at all and the grass came up to our knees on some of us (exaggerated). The set up was quite good. We had a full size ground 180x120 a score board and a small crowd gathering to what was going to be huge opening game to us blokes against the Nashville Roos.

(Milwaukee, WI) - Well the day started with a warm one, the temp was at 80’F before the match and it only got warmer. The ground wasn’t mowed at all and the grass came up to our knees on some of us (exaggerated). The set up was quite good. We had a full size ground 180x120 a score board and a small crowd gathering to what was going to be huge opening game to us blokes against the Nashville Roos. The first bad news was that the opposition got to select how many players can be on the field at once. They chose 16; The Roos had the privilege of doing so because they were the visiting team. We gave them four players so they at least had a bench to work with.

We started our warm ups with a light jog around the field area while coach gave us the run down of the task at hand, Bruce then carried on with taking our stretches and Colin continued to talk and tell what was the job today and what he would like to see from particular players. In the end of that he covered everybody I think. I could see we were all feeling pretty good at this time, we were ready.

The Roos won the toss and chose to kick down the ground, we managed to kick 2.3 before they even scored a point. The first quarter we could have blown them out of the water if we had of kicked straight. The scores at the first break were 3.5 Bombers and 1.2 Roos. We controlled the first quarter like it were our training session. They managed to kick an easy goal because of a 30 second break from some of our players. The heat did play a factor and I think the players just had to break some cobwebs off. In the first quarter we held it in our forward line for about 75% of the quarter. It was excellent work around the center to center half forward preventing them running away with the ball. Those were the signs of excellent pressure from our forwards.

The second quarter had seen the Bombers do there job once again by only giving up 1.1, adding to that we doubled our score from 23 pts to 50 pts kicking 4.3 to 1.1. The second half scores were Bombers 7.8 to Roos 2.1.It was good to see we kicked more goals than points for once. It was a fine effort by the Bombers not giving in or taking the foot off the pedal for 1 minute. There were stages it was a kick to kick affair going from full back to full forward but, we made the most of our opportunities, and the scoreboard told us so. If our disposal was better under the pressure and even making the best decision at the time we probably could have been a lot more in front.

Having the break at half time we felt good, not a whole lot had to be said except for shots on goal and decision making. The feeling around the team was positive. Also to the mention coach moving the bench around so much helped players recover, have a breather and also give the bench players an opportunity to be apart of good day for the Bombers.

The third quarter was the same as the second with us managing to kick more goals than points. The scores were Bombers 10.10 to Roos 2.3, This was an excellent performance by the boys in that we stopped them from kicking a goal and let us kick 3 major’s. The coach asked one of the aussie sharks prior to the third quarter “what do we call the third quarter back home” and he replied “the premiership quarter”, Coach when on to explain this is where we set the game up for the win, and that we did.

The fourth quarter was the quietest for the whole game, I think we felt that we had set the game up in the third and did not need to do anymore. We managed to kick 2.2 and Roos 1.2, making the score for the end of the day Bombers 12.12. to Roos 3.5. This was the sign that we had worked all day to be in a commanding lead and didn’t need to work as hard. It looked as though the Roos were starting to warm up but it was just the Bombers getting tired, the Roos managed to have most of the ball even though we out scored them by 1 goal.          

Some late shots on goal from almost directly in front on both accounts should have been majors. In the end the bombers ran out victors crushing the Nashville Roos by a whopping 61pts. Fine start by the Milwaukee Bombers but there is still a lot to work on.

This is a run down on the good and bad points about the game and individual players.

TALK – loud, clear, encourage, constructive and most of all listen to the talk. Many a times in the game players didn’t listen, at all or it was too late to listen. You’ll find that communication is the key.

DISPOSAL – Kicks and handballs in some areas especially under pressure need to be improved but, much better improvement from the shark’s game.

DECISION MAKING – This was 50/50 in most cases but there are 3 choices bad, good and best decision. We had more goods than bads but more bads than best’s. This has to be worked on once again under pressure. Keep eyes and your ears open. In areas when told to do so, it must be quicker.

DISCIPLINE – This was up there with the best of what we accomplished on the day. Hardly any retaliation and for those who did had legitimate reason to.

THE 1%ERS – Our tackling, shepherds and smothers were excellent all day, players persisted and put pressure on opponents all day. Tackled hard and majority of the time legally, which was good. The shepherding was great in a team kind of way, but 3 or 4 times in the game 3 guys would shepherd but no one would grab the ball, good team work just no communication.

GOAL KICKING – To kick 12.12 tells us that goal kicking needs to be improved obviously. Instead of 12.12 it should be 18.6. Goals wins games not points and you’d rather more goals than points, right?

MANNING UP – This is a problem at times, I find that we seem to ball watch and our man notices and decides to drift away. Which leaves him on his own and that’s a problem cause now the teammate in the next position close to you has 2 players to take care of, don’t put yourself or your teammate in this situation. You must be aware of this as a back man. You must be Accountable. Apart of the manning up is players not only ball watch but seem to get sucked into the play and go for the footy, all of a sudden there is a loose man. It’s up to the players in their respective positions to be involved in the play, e.g. The ball is in the half forward line, if your a half back player or even a back pocket you stay there until you use your initiative and realize before your player does that the ball is approaching you and then you act.

SWITCHING – This was a key to opening them up and scoring against them. The timing was good and there were fewer turnovers than the Sharks game. Have faith in your ability and your teammate in these situations. Avoid the switch in back pockets unless opponents are on half back or centre. Half back switching is cautious and centre switching you should be confident in doing so. Remember the man with the ball controls the play so the attention is on you from all angles.

CONTROL THE GAME – This we did in 60/40 to our advantage only for some poor turnovers from disposal, w/ or w/out pressure. We controlled the game through the second and third quarters quite comfortably. This is where we looked at our best.

FAITH IN TEAM MATE – This doesn’t happen often enough, players are kicking to contested position’s and leaving team mates out cause you feel their next kick will be a blooper. You’re not going look bad if he drops the mark on his own or stuffed up the kick, he is.

Now for some other things to look at such as our defense across half was exceptional. We followed our man out of the forward line, good pressure. A lot more consistent pressure in the forward line. The bench was used smartly and fluently. We slowed down in the forth quite a bit, maybe the heat or we felt we had done our job. Never stop until the final siren has gone. There was a consistent performance in most aspects of the game which was the biggest positive.

PAUL.R – Very quiet day, dropped costly marks and didn’t let his presence be felt for such a big man. Have to listen to the voice around you. You should be doing this especially playing in crucial positions like centre half B/F and Full back. Disposal and 1% were good.

HEATH.M – Had a quiet day, didn’t cough up ball but should have had more of an impact on the game.

ROBBIE.D – Did good ruck work in the center and around the ground but once out of the center looked like you were not sure of where to be or don’t know where to be.

BEN.B – Read the play ok but didn’t help team mate enough in forward line, missed almost directly in front twice, should be goals. Good use of body, good tackling and got out of trouble well. Just got to finish off when you have the chance.

KURT.L – Quiet, not in the mix of things much, compared to last game very quiet but did play different position.

JAMES.B – Excellent marking, kicking and running but, you must learn to position yourself better on your own and with an opponent. Must learn to read the play a bit better.

ROSS.S – Excellent running throughout the whole game. Kicks on the run and shots on goal must be worked on. Great team player.

AARON.S – Excellent running throughout the whole game. Must listen to the voices around you. Have to work on your disposal.


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