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Lady Bombers Take Dairyland Duel
ImageOn Saturday June 27, the second Womens USFooty tourney was held in Milwaukee WI. The Dairyland Duel was won by the hometown Milwaukee Lady Bombers who went undefeated in the tournament. Player of the tournament, the Dairyland Princess, went to US Freedom's Drea Casillas of the New York Magpies.


Game 1:
MKE 8.5.53 d NYC 3.1.19

Goal scorers:
MKE:Jenny Sarbacker 3, Kathryn Hogg 3, Suzy Thomas 2
NYC: Kim Hemmenway 3

MKE: Jenny Sarbacker, Denielle Beilfuss, Suzy Thomas
NYC: Andrea Casillas, Monica Robbins, Lina Staropoli

ATL 9.5.59 d DEN 4.3.27

Goal Scorers:
ATL: Cathy Reinhardt 4, Carly Harrington 2, Judith Stein 2, Meghan Brown
DEN: Anna Thexton 2, Karla Mascarenas-Pack, Kelli Modica

ATL: Denise LaFaver, Judith Stein, Betty Pat
DEN: Kelli Modica, Eileen ?(BWE), Anna Thexton

Game 2:
MKE 3.2 .20 d ATL 2.2 .14

Goal Scorers:
MKE: Kathyrn Hogg 2, Jenny Sarbacker  
ATL: Anne Collins, Cathy Reinhardt

MKE: Denielle Beilfuss, Suzy Thomas, Helen Spink
ATL: Nikki Peoples, Judith Stein, Anne Collins

NYC 10.4.64 d DEN 2.4.16
Goal Scorers:
NYC: Jane Moore 4, Andrea Casillas 3, Kim Hemmenway 2, Lina Staropoli 1
DEN: Karla Mascarenas-Pack    2

NYC: Susan Marschall, Monica Robins, Katie Proudman
DEN: Eileen ? (BWE), Beth Schaffer, Karla Mascarenas-Pack

Game 3:
MKE 8.2.50 d DEN 1.3.9

Goal Scorers:
MKE: Kathryn Hogg, 5Jenny Sarbacker 2, Suzy Thomas, Heather O'Keefe
DEN: Beth Schaffer

MKE: Katie Raisanen, Jenny Sarbacker, Helen Spink
DEN: Beth Schaffer, Kelli Modica, Kimberly Tibbets

ATL 9.10.64 d NYC 1.1.7
Goal Scorers:
ATL: Judith Stein 6 Cathy Reinhardt 2, Nikki Peoples 1
NYC: Kim Hemmenway

ATL: Carly Harrington, Christina Murdock, Cathy Reinhardt
NYC: Andrea Casillas, #24, Susan Marshall

Milwaukee 3-0
Atlanta 2-1
NYC 1-2
Denver 0-3

Dairyland Princess (Overall BOG): Andrew Casillas (NYC)

Link to spreadhseet with complete scores


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