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Freeze too much for the Bombers
On a beautiful day at Lake Noomis Park in Minneapolis, the Freeze outplayed and outscored the Milwaukee Bombers 84-14. BOG honors went to Bombers Dan Sarbacker, Andy Vanica, and Adam Kanack. Goal kickers for the Bombers were Tommy Walker and Cory Malchow. Wearing their new red jerseys and sporting at least ten new players, the Bombers opened up the MAAFL season with a good effort and a few goals. 

The Milwaukee Bombers opened the 2009 season looking drastically different than how they ended the 2008 season. The Bombers lost 10 starters from last season meaning the opening match against the Freeze was the first big game action for the majority of the team. The Bombers also welcomed former St Louis Blues and Revolution player Dan Sarbacker as he recently moved to Madison. While the Freeze controlled the majority of play, Milwaukee’s day was highlighted by newcomer Adam Kanack, who came to the Bombers three weeks prior and has quickly picked up the game of footy. Kanack spent the day in the ruck giving up four inches and roughly 50 pounds but held his own while earning BOG recognitions. Jason Kmiecik, also new to the Bombers, spent his day chasing Revolution player Danny Hanson. Forward Tommy Walker celebrated his first footy game with the Bomber’s first six points.

Said Milwaukee President Andy Vanica, “We expected the Freeze to play well as Coach Becker always does a good job in preparing his team. They did an excellent job with footy basics…marking, running to receive the ball, handballing. It always seemed they had Johnny-on-the-spot to pick up the ball when it squirted out from the pack. The quick handballs created a lot of open space which made it hard to match up and keep up.”

For the Freeze, Revolution players Ryan Marx, Danny Hanson, and Zack Weaver all showed why they represent the USA. Weaver was quick and dangerous throughout the whole game, Marx showed speed and agility getting to the ball, and Hanson was strong and powerful in his marks and open runs. Both Weaver and Hanson had strong runs up field with the ball, highlighted by Weaver’s four-bounce run and kick.

Dan Sarbacker earned BOG honors as he kept the Bombers organized at center half back. Sarbacker had many good marks, made excellent contests to the ball, and demonstrated smart disposals. He will be a great addition to the Bombers. Milwaukee played hard throughout the game and is looking forward to a few solid weeks of training before the next MAAFL match against Columbus and Ohio Valley in July. “We’ll continue to work on the fundamentals. Minnesota showed good basic footy, simple yet effective. Even though the scoreboard shows a big differential, I’m happy with the effort and getting our first match in,” said Vanica.

Said Jason Becker of the Freeze:

I was very pleased with our back six. For the most part, the fullback line kept the ball in front and they're starting to see the boundary as their friend. The halfback line shared the ball well without overcooking the handballs. They kept moving, generated some run and, for the most part, handballed just enough to get a decent kick.

Marx was a big target in the middle and, while well guarded, Hansen kept running into space on the wings, up forward and even occasionally to the fat side. Once our center and half-forward lines realize a top-side kick is a good option, we should be able to take it up a notch.

Big Chaps and Shoots won most of the taps, and while it took a while for him to get the timing, Weaver started reading the stoppages and hitting the drops on the move. With our club, that's normally the job of the rover, but Jahnke had his hands full with Bomber Ross Siegel, who is always quick to the footy and very good at keeping his feet.

We did our best, but couldn't always keep up with Sarbacker and Vanica. To a certain degree, that's to be expected, but we need to push back and man up throughout the game a little better.

I was also impressed with Milwaukee's Adam Kanack. I understand he has only been playing for two weeks. He held his own in the ruck, even thought he's a foot shorter than both our ruckmen. He's fast, agile, has soft hands and is already a decent kick. I really hope he stays with the game because he has tremendous upside potential. Hopefully after his first full match, he's hooked.

Freeze Goalkickers: Hansen 3, Marx 3, McLuen 3, Zinnel, Crane, Weaver
Bomber Goalkickers: Walker, Malchow
Freeze Injuries: Melhoff - 2 weeks, shoulder; Faherty - 2 weeks, patella; Becker - 6 weeks, MCL
Bomber Injuries: Siegal - 2 weeks, knee

 Minnesota 1.3 4.3 8.5 12.9 (81)

Milwaukee 0.0 0.1 0.1 2.2 (14)


Minnesota: Danny Hansen 3, Ryan McCluen 3, Ryan Marx 2, Unknown Crane 1, Scott Johnson 1, Zachary Weaver 1, Unknown Zinnel 1.

Milwaukee: Tommy Walker 1, Cory Malchow 1.


Minnesota: Chris Jahnke, Danny Hansen, Ryan Marx, Zachary Weaver, Anthony King, Ryan McCluen.

Milwaukee: Dan Sarbacker, Andy Vanica, Adam Kanack, Cory Malchow, Tommy Walker.

Field Umpires: Steve Arnott, Pete Davies.


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