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2003 Results
These are the results from the 2003 season.

USAFL National Tournament

Dates: October 11-12, 2003

Location: Kansas City, MO

Division II


Game 1

Milwaukee 4.6.30
Baltimore / Washington 3.3.21

Match Summary: The Bombers started the weekend with a match up against the 12th ranked Baltimore / Washington Eagles. At the half the Bombers were only up by a few points. They split the game open in the second half with a pair of goals and managed to hold off a late rally from the Eagles.


Game 2

Milwaukee 5.10.40
Arizona 3.1.19

Match Summary: The Bombers second match of the day came against the 10th ranked Arizona Hawks. The Arizona team came out strong, but in the end could not keep up with the speed of the Bombers. By the half the game had already been decided with the Bombers holding an insurmountable lead.


Game 3

Milwaukee 6.5.41
Nashville 0.2.2

Match Summary: The final day of the tournament started with the Bombers facing the 16th ranked Nashville Roos. The Roos had also surprised some teams in the tournament coming into the match 2-0. This match was to decide who would qualify for the championship game. The Bombers fired out of the gates and never looked back, leading by over 30 at the half.


Grand Final

Milwaukee 4.2.26
Golden Gate 3.1.19

Match Summary: The Milwaukee Bombers took to the field on a beautiful sunny day to take on the Golden Gate Roos in the Grand Final. The match was fast and physical.  The Bombers were able to draw first blood as Jason Becker snuck around the Roos defense for the first goal.  The Roos, using their size advantage, would not be put down.  Half time came with the Bombers clinging to an 8-7 one-point lead. The breather seemed to calm the Bombers who came charging out in the second half.  Chris Flaherty drew first blood with a kick for goal amid heavy traffic. Jared Brunmeier also added to the lead with two goals.  The Roos refused to let go and came charging back with time running out.  They squeezed through the Bomber defense for two goals, which brought them back to within seven. There, the Bomber defense stiffened and the Roos did not threaten again. As time expired, the Milwaukee Bombers became the 2003 Division II Champions by defeating the Golden Gate Roos 26-19. 





Regular Season Play


Match 1

Date: April 27, 2003

Location: Milwaukee

Kansas City 5.3.33


Goal Scorers: Andy Ciganek (5), Gazza (4), Jared (1), Colin (1), Kurt (1), Plugger (1), Heath (1)
Best Players: Andy, Jared, Aaron, Colin, Paul, Mike K.


Match 2

Date: May 10, 2003

Location: Milwaukee

Chicago Swans 6.9.45



Match 3

Date: June 7, 2003

Location: Chicago

Milwaukee 9.11.65
Chicago Swans


Goal Scorers: Gazza (2), Becker (2), Will (2), Stu (1), Plugger (1), Jarred (1)


Match 4

Date: June 14, 2003

Location: Milwaukee

Chicago Sharks


Milwaukee 6.6.42


Match 5

Date: July 19, 2003

Location: Chicago

Milwaukee 7.12.54
Chicago Sharks



Match 6

Date: July 26, 2003

Location: Milwaukee

Chicago Swans 8.7.55
Milwaukee 5.9.39


Match 7

Date: August 9, 2003

Location: Milwaukee

St. Louis 6.3.42
Milwaukee 11.9.75


Match 8

Date: September 6, 2003

Location: Milwaukee

Chicago Sharks 4.7.31
Milwaukee 17.12.114


Match 9

Date: September 13, 2003

Location: Chicago

Milwaukee 5.8.38
Chicago Swans






Kansas City Spring Classic

Dates: May 17-18, 2003

Location: Kansas City, MO


Game 1

Denver (A) 16.3.99
Milwaukee 1.0.6


Game 2

Milwaukee 1.1.7
Kansas City 9.9.63


5th Place Game

Milwaukee 0.4.4
New York 14.12.96

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