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CrossFit Cheddar Cup Teams Announced

May 2, 2009, Milwaukee WI. ~In a compelling afternoon at AJ Bombers, the CrossFit Cheddar Cup draft took place. The Germantown Cheese Curds and the Waukesha Fighting Sausages formed their teams.

The CrossFit Cheddar Cup is a Milwaukee-based Aussie Rules football co-ed league consisting of a series of matches leading to a championship match in July. Players wanted! Both men and women are encouraged to play. Registration is currently open and will be so for the duration of the summer. The Cheddar Cup is proudly supported by CrossFit Milwaukee.

Brad the Elvis in discussions with his agentWho will be a Curd and who will be a Sausage was decided during a draft session at AJ Bombers . Brad "The Elvis" (pictured left) spent the early part of the draft on the phone with his agent discussing his options. Said Brad the Elvis, "I was disappointed I was not the high pick, but I am proud to be a Sausage. The fame and fortune of being a first round pick is something I already have." The Elvis was eventually picked in the 9th round. 

Cory letting Jeremy know he was selected to be a Cheese Curd

Captain Curd Cory Malchow spent the early portion of his week playing with the draft board. It was reported mid week he would pick on a position-need basis, but picked on a best-player available strategy. In a bizarre series of events, Cory picked the upper half of Jeremy's (now) legendary Nationals 2008 shirt, prompting the Sausages to snatch the lower half. 

Long time Bomber Jeremy Moore (pictured right) received the good news while downing a post-practice PBR, his power-energy drink of choice. All were excited to see Moore in full fine form following his late season ankle injury that left him on crutches last year.

The CrossFit Cheddar Cup 2009 Teams are as following:

Germantown Cheese Curds                 Waukesha Fighting Sausages
Cory Malchow
                Ross Seigel
Patrick DeFors
                Andy Vanica
Paul O'Conner
                Rob Humphrys
Jamie Anderson                Jason Kmiecik
Kurt Landers
                Matt Molzen
Chris Franzen
                Brad Ruhge
Jeremy Moore                 Denielle Beilfuss
Jenny Sarbacker
                Byron Galbraith
Bruce Beilfuss
                Dave Mahlum
Will Baye
                Brad the Elvis
Barry Arnold
                Adam Sheehan
Paul Raisanen                Ryan Atkins
Colin Langley
                Suzy Thomas
Zak "Attack"
                Rock Smith
Michelle Buchicchio
                Gary Lerch
Ben Hynes
                Paul "Irish" Conway
Doreen Krauske                Sean aka "Boomer"
Tricia Bradley
                Sandy Bradley
Heath Moore/Whalen
                Jim Franzen
Upper Half of Jeremy's Shirt
                Heather O'Keefe
Nate Bortz
                Lower hald of Jeremy's Shirt



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