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Baghdad Letters

These are letters from our Bomber serving in Baghdad.

August 27, 2003

Hey everyone!

I hope this message finds you all in good health and spirits.  I know it's been a while since I've written to you all, but things have been busy for me over here lately.  We are still doing the same work in the police stations, but have just been a lot busier.  It appears that we should be out of the stations come September and then be back out on the streets patrolling the city.  One nice part about this change will be that we are only going to be working 8 hour days, at least scheduled to work that amount. That will be great, because there will finally be a bit more time for something other than work or sleep!

The weather over here has been quite hot lately. It could be easily noticed that the temps jumped up 10-20 degrees at the first of August!  Man i thought that we had left this damn weather back in Kuwait!  Oh well, at least the cooler weather is on it's way.

It's looking as if we will possibly be back in the states sometime in January now! I know that is a long ways away, but only leaves up with around 4 months left in Baghdad before we head back to Kuwait.  Once we are there it will be the start to our journey home! :) It sucks that we won't be home for the holidays, but at least we won't miss the super bowl!!  hahaha  I remember when I came back from Nicaragua with the army it was super bowl weekend, so it may be a bit of deja vu on the way!!  At any rate, I am looking forward to coming back and seeing you all.  I miss you dearly.

Well, as i said, we are busy so this email is going to be cut short. I'll try to be a bit more frequent about keeping in touch, time permitting.

Take care and God bless.

Love Always,
Brian. :)



Hello everyone!!

Well, we finally got some sort of email contact up here in Baghdad.  I've been trying to keep up on my writing via US snail mail, so for a handful of you this may be a bit of a repeat.  For the rest of you, this will be my story so far in the beautiful country of Iraq.

Since we have been here my platoon has been running a police station in the city.  Our first station was quite an interesting one.  We were located in one of the more run down inner-city areas, and needless to say I witnessed some fairly interesting happenings! Our mission there was basically security and US military presence. We did other MP functions such as detaining criminals and such.  We were there for a few weeks until we were moved to a different station, which we currently reside. This station is a bit different than the first.  Although we are in Baghdad and it isn't the greatest place on earth, I would equate our move as going from Compton to Beverly Hills!  Our main mission here is to train the Iraqi police on how to be good coppers.  We will begin teaching daily classes on this soon as well as continue to show them how to correctly do all of the proper coalition paperwork for the "bad guys" that we catch so we can get them out of our holding cell and to the real jails!

The place we live in is an old Baath Party (Saddam's old political party) country club.  It sounds nice, and probably was before the war, but once we took it over we have had a ton of work to do to raise our standard of living.  Many of the buildings here are bombed out and all of the glass in our living areas if out of the windows.  We cleaned out a lot of the areas when we first arrived and are supposed to have glass in our windows by the end of the week. That will be nice so then we can get our AC units working so it will be a little easier to sleep at night. It is on the average 100? 110 F here, so it actually feels "cooler" compared to the 145 + F heat we had in the hellish Kuwaiti desert!  The only reason I look forward to going back there is because then I know we are heading home!  Barring any act of a higher being, I will never come back to that damn desert on my own will!  My room here is shared with 5 other people from my squad and feels like an old college dorm room.  We have shelves made of 2 X 6 boards and cinder blocks! Little luxuries like a cd player and electricity have taken the place of cable tv and such back at home. For the most part the other 4 people I share the room with are very easy to get along with and there hasn't been much bitching at all. I think that is pretty impressive seeing that we spend all day together working under the, at times, not so great conditions.

Our work days have been pretty long since we got here. We have been starting our day around 5am and ending around 1030-11pm. So needless to say the first week or two was a little to get adjusted to, just work and sleep! For the past week or two I've been skipping dinner to allow myself a bit more time after the work shift, getting some push ups and sit ups in and the occasional jog in our compound.

Other than that, there isn't a ton going on in my life.  Big surprise I'm sure!! That will change when I get back home though?? time!! I'll be sure to have a great party and you will all have to be there to celebrate with me!

Lastly, I would like to thank those of you, if I haven't been able to write you yet, for all of the support you have given us over here. The bug spray has worked out fantastic!  I received much more that expected and was able to help out our entire company with your donations.  On their behalf, it has been greatly appreciated. For those of you that have sent letters, books, magazines, and treats I thank you also!  It is always such a good feeling to come home from a long day and see a letter or package sitting on my cot. You guys are truly the greatest!!

Well, that is about all I have for now.  I have to save this to a disk and get my ass in bed for a few hours of sleep before I get up and do the same damn thing I've been doing every day since we got here!! I will check my email as much as possible here, but I'll still continue to send out snail mail to you back in the states as well.  Take care, God bless, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Miss you all,
Brian J.


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