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1999 Talking Stick

This is a compilation of the "Talking Stick", the official Milwaukee Bombers Newsletter.

January 1999

G’Day and Happy New Year to all our Milwaukee Aussie Club Members !


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and are ready for a huge 1999 ! Our first two events are to celebrate Australia day. We will be holding an Australia Day Party at the Jacobus Pavillion at 6501 West Hillside Drive in Wauwatosa. We will be holding an Aussie Club meeting at 10am followed by the Australia Day Party from 11:30am. I hope to see as many of you there as possible to start the new year off with a bang ! We will also recognize Australia Day on the 26th January when we will meet for drinks at Saz’s – State Street from 6:30pm.


Continuing on from the Ashes success back home we will attempt to play our first game of indoor cricket on February 20th.  Time and venue to be advised in the next Talking Stick.


Dave Mead


Aussie Meat Pies For Sale 

Paul O’Keeffe is placing an order for meat pies and sausage rolls (frozen) from Australia. Pies (4 inch) are 6 for $20 and sauasge rolls are 6 for $10.  You must order by January 17th, 1999 and orders must be phoned or E-Mailed to Paul O’Keefe at (E-Mail - This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ) or (Phone – 414-476-3870).



Australia Day Party

Sunday - 24th January

Jacobus Park Pavillion

6501 West Hillside Lane, WAUWATOSA

 Meeting at 10am – Party from 11:30am


The party is for lunch and we ask that everyone brings a hot or cold dish to share. Drinks are BYO (bring your own for the Americans!).


Cost per person will be $5 which will cover the hire of the venue.


There will also be “Aussie” meat pies imported for this event and sold through lunch for $3 a pie !



(414) 270-9602 or This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


February 1999 



A huge thank-you to all involved in organising the Australia Day Party with special thanks to Julie O’Keeffe and Megan Parsons for finding such a great venue. Thanks also to everyone who attended both this day and the drinks on Australia Day – Sort of made you proud to be Australian ! (who else would play cricket in the snow ?)


Our next “event” is our indoor cricket afternoon. AFL coach Rob parry assures me that we are in good shape for cricket gear, the venue is picked out and I know a number of players are ready to go ! Even if you have never played cricket before come and join in the other truly Australian sport (apart from Aussie Rules !)


Dave Mead


Indoor Cricket Day

Saturday 20th February 1-4pm

St. James Lutheran Church School Gym

2028 N60th Street


The Westies (WA, SA) led by Rob Parry will take on the Easties headed by Paul O’Keeffe (NSW, Vic, Qld, Tas). All are welcome to play and I’m sure there will be plenty of advice for our US residents as we explain the intricacies of another opf the greatest games on earth ! Cost of the gym is $75 which we split amongst the players. Afterwards I’m sure we will have a drink close by and re-live the afternoon’s highlights.  Special thanks to Adam Gilchrist (Australian One Day Keeper), Michael Hussy and Bruce Reid (Western Australia Warriors) for donating the equipment.


Remember . . . .over the fence is 6 and out !


A scene from the Australia Day Party

January 24th, 1999




March 1999 

Fellow MAC Members,


Our first indoor cricket outing was a great success with some new found talent rising to the surface. Thanks to all who attended and we will look at having another afternoon soon.


Unfortunately this month sees Steve and Robyn Elliott moving West to California. Special thanks to Steve who has been our Treasurer and resident AFL Umpire. I wish them all the best in the future. We are therefore looking for a new treasurer.


Our football schedule for 1999 is now complete and listed below. Please put these dates aside (especially our players) so we can have a strong team at each and every one of our 8 games for the year. We have an opportunity to play against a number of teams without traveling to their home grounds so we need to take advantage of the opportunity.


David Mead




A great afternoon of sport was on offer at our first indoor cricket day. A resounding win to the Easties lead by Paul O’Keeffe was the result but everyone, from those who had never played, to those who though they were “pretty good” had a good time. We are planning another day in March so see the flyer for details and come and join in. For the March date we will look at playing two games. One "serious" vs Chicago and then another for everyone like last Sunday. We will start the first game at 1pm and the second at 3pm. Once again all are welcome to participate.




Remember the first football training session will be on April 17th at Hawthorne Glenn Park – 4pm. Coach Rob expects everyone to be in “tip top” condition for our 1999 season and our first game is fast approaching on May 1st against Kansas City in Chicago.




To show the cultural side of our organisation we’d like to inform you all that Peter Carey, an Australian novelist, will be reading from his latest book, Jack Maggs, at the Shorewood Harry W. Schwartz bookshop Tuesday, 9 March, 7pm. (Peter Carey is also the author of Illywhacker  and Oscar & Lucinda). Thanks to Heather Justin for the details.


May 1999 

Fellow Aussies,


A somewhat disappointing turn out for our first game of 1999 with only 7 players making the trip to Chicago. We were lucky to have Kansas City, Detroit, Cincinnati and Chicago lend us players for the day.  Let's make sure that our home opener sees 12-14 players of our own in Madison (especially the locals !)


Dave Mead


Milwaukee vs Kansas City


Well the new footy season has finally begun, and after a very short pre-season for most (no Ansett Cup matches here). On a glorious late Saturday afternoon, and at the new (for Aussie Rules) venue in Naperville Illinois, the Chicago Swans and your mighty Milwaukee Bombers came together for the “Clash of the Titans”.


Unfortunately for us the final scores didn’t really reflect the great performance put up by the Bombers. We went down 8 goals 20 behinds (68) to 8 goals 6 behinds (54).


We held a special training run on the Friday before the game and were very privileged to have Paul Roos, ex Sydney Swans & Fitzroy and now the AFL’s official USA coach, in attendance and trying very hard to teach some old dogs a few new tricks. Affectionately known as Roosie, Paul spoke to us about basic tactics and to our local US players, he gave a few valuable pointers on the skills of the game. He was then asked to give Plugger a few extra pointers in a special “one on one” coaching session as it became apparent that the skill level in Broken Hill is not quite up to our expected standard.


The coaching certainly helped and we nearly pulled out a surprise first up victory over our local rivals from down the asphalt highway. Although Milwaukee was very undermanned for this first outing, we were bolstered with players from Kansas City (Mark, Andy and Dave), Detroit (Neale), Cincinnati (Ruben, Paul and Mark) and Chicago (Dave and Glen). Thanks to these guys for making such a dedicated effort to get to the game. And finally, congrats to Chicago Swans for the great day they organised. Both the venue and the organisation were top class. It looks like Aussie Rules has a real chance of securing a foothold in the Midwest. - Rob Parry (Coach)



Milwaukee - 8 Goals (6 pts) / 6 Behinds (1 pt) 54

Chicago - 8 Goals (6 pts) / 20 Behinds (1 pt) 68



GAME 2 – 1999



This will be our first game in Madison so we need a strong turn out. Details of the next game will be sent shortly to all Aussie Club members. We hope to see as many people at our first "home" game as possible.  


July 1999

Fellow Aussies,


Too much footy to talk about so this is all the space I have ! Hope to see you all at our next game!


Dave Mead



Milwaukee vs Chicago - Milwaukee, WI - 12th June 1999


Finally the Bombers came home to their beloved Kletzsch Park for a game against the interstate rivals. With a little bit of help from the Swans the game saw two solid teams in action on quite a hot afternoon. Without Coach Rob Parry and Captain Gary Hill the Bombers were in much better form than their last outing in Madison. The debut of Justin Todd for the Bombers (2 goals) also added to the ranks. Unlike the first game in Madison the Bombers opened the scoring with 2 unanswered goals before the Swans settled into their rhythm closed the gap and went ahead. While the Swans lead at every break Milwaukee certainly kicked more goals than their last outing. It wa great to see Ric Martinez back on the field for the Swans as they prepared for the Kansas City the following weekend. Little space should be given to the fourth quarter "cuddlefest" only to note that as the temperature rose so did the tempers. All in all another solid game with Milwaukee gradually improving game to game. The challenge is obviously to put numbers on the field as our Illinois neighbours grow increasingly strong.


Milwaukee - 8 Goals (6 pts) / 6 Behinds (1 pt) 54

Chicago - 17 Goals (6 pts) / 14 Behinds (1 pt) 116




Milwaukee vs Cincinnati - Chicago, IL - 26th June 1999


This game was a modified or tournament game of two twenty minute halves. Cincinnati had already played against Chicago and were a little battered and bruised but they still were as competitive as always. Milwaukee certainly put on their best display of footy in the first half of this match leading a team for the first time this year by 3 points. A lapse in concentration (and maybe the excitement of leading) got to the Bombers in the first 10 minutes of the second half. Cincinnati managed to take advantage and get the lead. While the Bombers kicked a few late goals it was a little late going down by 13 points. There was some promising signs for the Bombers as we reached the halfway point of the season. Justin and Kurt while playing injured both put in 110%, Gary Hill returned with a great goal right on the half time siren, our Chicago helpers were great especially Bernie in the forward pocket. The stand out was Dave Martinez with some tenacious tackling, strong defense and an all round good game. We kicked only 1 less goal than Cincinnati and while they booted a few more behinds the score certainly shows that this one was a competitive game from start to finish. The signs are there that with each game we improve and do the basics a little better. Our next game is on the same ground against Chicago and we need to really put the pedal down for the rest of the season to make the best showing we can (and maybe score an upset win along the way).


Milwaukee - 6 Goals (6 pts) / 3 Behinds (1 pt) 39

Chicago - 7 Goals (6 pts) / 10 Behinds (1 pt) 52



GAME 5 – 1999

CHICAGO - July 24th 1999 - 2pm


Get along to see the Bombers in action against our interstate rivals. We will meet at the college Ave Park and Ride at 11:30am and car pool down to Naperville, IL. All are welcome as usual.


 August 1999

Fellow Aussies,


Firstly thanks to Paul O, Nicki M, Andrew B and Peter J for helping to host the University of Queensland visitors. A good afternoon was spent with these 30 visiting Aussies at the Harp in Milwaukee.


Secondly we should note that our Australian Bombers (Essendon) are now 1 game clear at the top of the AFL ladder and looking good for the finals series.


Finally I ask that all footy players commit themselves to our last 3 games and note that the Sptember 11th game will be moved to Madison where we will combine with Minneapolis at about 4pm against the Chicago Swans.


Dave Mead



Milwaukee vs Chicago

Naperville, IL - 26th June 1999


On a day well into the 90's the Boimbers went to Naperville once again for a re-match against the Swans of Chicago. There was no backing down from the incredible heat with a full game of 4 20 minute quarters on offer.  With the help of some visiting students from the University of Queensland and some new found talent care of Dave Martinez the Bombers had a squad of 17 for the match. As usual we had our first quarter "get to know your team" issues which saw us behind at quarter time by about 30 points. But from then on it was almost goal for goal as the Bombers put on a couple of fine goals in the searing heat. Certainly the most popular people at the ground were our two water girls who kept the team hydrated throughout the match.


Justin Todd was best on ground with another great game with a couple of goals, plenty of marks and great work in and around the ruck. Our visiting Queenslanders also pitched in with a couple of goals. To the guys from UQ a huge thank-you for spending the day in the Chicago sun rather than the sports bar (which is where most of us would have liked to be). The game was taped by "Wild Chicago" a PBS cable channel from the windy city so to have such a great turn out was excellent for both Chicago who are using it to promote the game and ourselves. We might even be able to use the video replay to adjust the score at a later date !


This was our smallest losing margin against the Swans this year and without the first quarter we certainly are getting closer each game. The challenge now is to be on the ball from the first whistle and keep the intensity throughout the match. The continual improvement augers well for the last 3 games of the season vs Chicago and we need to keep our numbers up for these last 3 games.



Milwaukee - 5 Goals (6 pts) / 9 Behinds (1 pt) 39

Chicago - 13 Goals (6 pts) / 10 Behinds (1 pt) 88



GAME 6 – 1999

CHICAGO - August 14th 1999 - 4pm


Get along to see the Bombers combine with the St.Louis Blues against Chicago. We will meet at the college Ave Park and Ride at 12:30pm and car pool down to Chicago, IL. All are welcome.



September 1999

G'Day everyone,


Well the season has come to an end! The squad that went to the Nationals presented the club with its first and only win of the season by 50 points. Unfortunately losses of 5 point and 2 points saw the team miss the finals by the narrowest of margins. All in all we have had a good year and can look forward to 2000.


Attached to this Talking Stick, you will find the Year in Review (a summary of our year), a note from myself regarding the committee of the football club and some thoughts for next year. As you will see I will no longer be the club Secretary and look forward to working with our new volunteers to get the job done in 2000!


Dave Mead

AFL Football - 1999 

Game 1 – May 1st  Milwaukee 54 Chicago 68

Game 2 – May 22nd Milwaukee 26 Chicago 112

Game 3 – June 12th Milwaukee 54 Chicago 116

Game 4 – June 26th  Milwaukee 39 Cincinnati 53

Game 5 – July 24th  Milwaukee 39 Chicago 88

Game 6 – August 14th Milwaukee* 90 Chicago 101

Game 7 – Sep 11th  Milwaukee 29 vs  Chicago 142

Game 8 – Sep 25th  Milwaukee** 80  vs Chicago 87

* Combined with St.Louis

** 11's Format


1999 Nationals

October 16-17, 1999

Cincinnati, OH


The Bombers combined with the Dallas Outlaws to form the MD Redbacks for the tournament


Game 1 vs Louisville

Redbacks 7.10.52 vs Louisville 1.0.6

Game 2 vs Southern Raiders

Southern Raiders 7.1.43 vs Redbacks 5.8.38

Game 3 vs Travelling Wallabies

Travelling Wallabies 3.5.23 vs Redbacks 3.3.21


As you can see from the scores the Redbacks were very competitive and had two very close losses by 5 and 2 points. Unfortunately we missed the final for Division II but built a great relationship with the Dallas club and were extremely competitive. Congratulations to all of the Bombers that made the trip. Your effort and play were both fantastic and a real positive as we look forward to 2000 with another great season of footy.


DECEMBER 4th, 1999

Christmas Party

Everyone - Please keep this date free!

To all players and non-players we want to finish 1999 with a bang so have organised a big day on the 4th December.


St.James Lutheran School

2028N 60th Street, Milwaukee

All players should attend this meeting as we plan for 2000, organise a new committee and discuss the season behind us and look ahead. Go to the school gym (there is an area where we can meet at the school before our cricket game).


INDOOR CRICKET - 3:30-5:30pm

St.James Lutheran School

2028N 60th Street, Milwaukee

As Christmas approaches so does the Australian summer of cricket so we are going to replicate that at the local level. We will play at the same place as last year (please wear non-marking shoes) - All required equipment is provided.



The Chancery Restaurant

7615W State Street, Wauwatosa

To end the day we will gather for drinks and a meal at    the Chancery at Wauwatosa in their function room.



December 1999

G'Day everyone,

This will be my last Talking Stick as I turn the Secretary job to Stuart Smith. We had a successful meeting to close the year and set some great goals for 1999.

I wish the new committee all the best and will be happy to continue as the Social Secretary for the club. Make sure to visit the new website for the club at Thanks to jason becker for the huge job in establishing this site. Let me take this chance to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2000!

Dave Mead

DECEMBER 4, 1999

Christmas Party


Thanks to all who came to 4th December to celebrate the end of season.

Starting with our football meeting the 4th December was a great day. Our cricket skills haven't gone too rusty during the footy season although it was our new Secretary, Stuart Smith taking a couple of great catches during the afternoon. Old rivalries were on show as the O'Keeffe - Parry feud continued with Rob taking the spoils for the day with partner Chris Adams.

Following the cricket game was our Christmas Party at the Chancery. It was a great night and our new President, Rob Parry excelled in leading the Christmas cheer for the evening.



The Christmas Party - December 4th


Social Calendar - 1999/2000

Sunday 23rd January - Australia Day Party

Time and Venue to be advised.


Wednesday 26th January - Australia Day Drinks

Milwaukee - Time and Venue to be advised.

Madison - Time and Venue to be advised.


Sunday 25th April - ANZAC Day

Cricket Match or Interclub Footy Game

Social Event to be advised.


For Social Events or Ideas contact Dave Mead at

This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it




President - Rob Parry

Secretary - Stuart Smith

Treasurer - Chris Adams

Social Secretary - Dave Mead

Webmaster - Jason Becker

National Delegate - Paul O'Keeffe

Coach - Gary Hill

PR/Sponsorship - Paul O'Keeffe

Recruitment - Dale Parsons and Chris Adams

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