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AGM Minutes
Image The Milwaukee Bombers Annual General Meeting was held on Monday, January 29.  It looks like a prosperous season is in front of us as we tackle 2007. 


The Milwaukee Bombers AGM commenced at 6:30pm on Monday, January 29th. The list of initial members present at the meeting was as follows:

  • Paul Conway, Nina Girolamo, Peter Kerr, Randall Upton, Neil Hanlon, Rock Smith, Colin Langley, Rob Parry, Heath Moore, Kurt Landers, Courtland Frauenkron, Sandy Bradley, Mike Perrone, G.D. Hann, Scott Acherman, Barry Arnold.
  • Proxies: Paul O'Keeffe, Campbell Johnson, Denielle David.
* Club Constitution was ratified and adopted by all parties present after read through. Motion - Randall Upton, Second - Rob Parry. Amendment made to increase # of board positions to seven instead of 5.
* Thanks were initally made for ZBB (Rob Parry & G.D.) for the use of their lawyer in drafting the new constitution.
* Thanks also given to those members present, and absent who have stuck with the club through the lean times to see us in the position of strength that we're in today.
* Election for Board positions:
  • Colin Langley nominated Heath Moore for president. Second - Neil Hanlon. Heath Moore accepted postion of president.
  • Heath Moore nominated Neil Hanlon for secretary. Second - Rock Smith. Neil Hanlon accepted position of secretary.
  • Paul Conway nominated Barry Arnold for treasurer. Second - Sandy Bradley. Barry Arnold accepted position of treasurer.
  • 4 Members At Large were also nominated and accepted their positions. Nominations and seconds were as follows: Kurt Landers nominated Paul Conway. Second - Rock Smith. Heath Moore nominated Sandy Bradley. Second - Colin Langley. Neil Hanlon nominated Paul O'Keeffe. Second - Sandy Bradley. Paul Conway nominated Rock Smith. Second - Barry Arnold. 
* Board Members are: Heath Moore, Neil Hanlon, Barry Arnold, Paul Conway, Sandy Bradley, Paul O'Keeffe, and Rock Smith.
* Debate ensued over fundraising for the club. Decision made that all fundraising monies be passed through the club treasurer in order to keep a full record.
* Heath Moore stated 3 presidential points to focus on for the 2007 season:
  1. Football - improvement in all aspects of the club from the players to the administration.
  2. Recruitment - after a lean 2006, the club is lookingto recruit numbers for 2007.
  3. Financial - the club should look for more sponsors during the 2007 in an effort to ease and assist our financial position and exposure.
* Colin Langley lodged the 2007 schedule with the board. This included the MAAFL schedule and the outlook for Metro 2007. 
  • Metro season 1 will start on May 2, location to be set. It will be a 9 week season before the second season begins again in August.
  • July 14th will be a 3 team tournament in Minnesota with Denver likely to attend.
  • Travel has decreased significantly due to the withdrawl of Dallas. Atlanta and Nashville are the only lengthy travel dates, everything else is driveable.

* Fundraising - to be done in order to support our travel options either with the travel itself, or assisting with hotel charges. 
  • 4 events are targeted so far this year.

* Scholarship Players
  • the Bombers are still locked in discussions with a number of candidates for the scholarship position/s in 2007. There has been significant interest in both West Perth, and also in the Shepparton (Vic. country) region. 
  • the Brunmeier brothers are still surprising their hosts with their overall fitness and commitment to their football.
  • with the shorter season we should not have any issues regarding visas with visiting players. However, the club now has a financial responsibility to assist these players as we have lost their access to accommodation. Players are asked to assist where possible, even if it is just providing a place to stay for 1 of the 3 months we are presuming these players will stay. More discussion is necessary on this topic and it will be raised at the next board meeting.

* Training
  • indoor training begins on Sunday, February 4th at UWM's Engleman Gym. 1:30-3pm.

*Portfolio positions will be discussed in due course. We are aware that there are many club members who have stated their interest in taking on a deeper involvement with the club, and the board will be looking at this in due course. We have a total of 9 portfolio positions that we are currently investigating. But these may be increased or decreased as we see fit - this will depend on whether portfolios can/will be meshed for easier workability.

* Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted, typos and all,

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