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Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel
The following are a series of excerpts that appeared in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel during 2002.

Excerpt appeared on April 29, 2002 

Footy in Milwaukee

As long as we're writing about different kinds of football, how about Footy? That's slang for Australian Rules Football, mate, and it's right here in Milwaukee.  The Milwaukee Bombers will play their first two games in a tournament this coming Saturday. The Bombers are in the Lake Michigan Australia Football League, with the Illinois Ironmen, Chicago Sharks and Chicago Swans.  The Bombers' rosters are made up of a mixture of Yanks (Americans, mate) and Aussies who are transplanted to Wisconsin. They have one German on roster so they can sell brats.  My wife and I have been to Australia three times and lived there for three months in 2000. This Footy is great stuff. It's a very rugged game that belies its cutesy nickname. Footy is Australian for "take that mate."

For more information about the schedule, go to




Excerpt appeared on May 6, 2002 

Bombers Start Fast

The Milwaukee Bombers of the Lake Michigan Australian Rules Football League also started their season over the weekend with two wins. The Bombers beat the Chicago Swans, 23-11, and the Chicago Ironmen, 46-14, in a tournament in the Windy City on Saturday.




Excerpt appeared on May 13, 2002 

Bombers in KC

The Milwaukee Bombers will play their next Australian Rules football game in a big tournament in Kansas City this Saturday. You'll have to wait until June 22 to see Footy in Milwaukee.

The Bombers play the Chicago Sharks at home on that date. All their games before then are on the road.




Excerpt appeared on May 15, 2002 

USFooty Story wins First Place in Milwaukee Journalism Award

A story featuring the Milwaukee Bombers Australian Football Team has won first prize in the Milwaukee Press Club 2001 Excellence in Journalism Contest.  The piece which aired on the Milwaukee FOX affiliate, WITI, took top honors in the Sports Within a Newscast category. 


FOX6 sports reporter Mark Concannon and sports photographer Michael Leach spent a rainy Thursday night with the Bombers last year.  The story praised by the judges as "fun and watchable" featured USfooty Founding President Paul O'Keeffe and Milwaukee Bomber and current Revolution player Jason Becker.


The story focused on USfooty's humble beginnings, bright future and overall appeal for American Footy players.  Concannon says the Bombers' attitude "blew him away."  "It was very impressive and fun to watch," he added.  The Bombers play in the Lake Michigan Australian Football League and currently sit atop the ladder with a 2-0 record.




Excerpt appeared on June 3, 2002

Bombers Return

The Milwaukee Bombers return to Lake Michigan Australia Rules Football League action this coming Saturday in Chicago against the Illinois Ironmen.  The Bombers are 2-3, after losing three games in the tough Kansas City tournament over the weekend of May 18. The Bombers had to join forces with the Chicago Sharks to field a complete team in the tourney.  On June 22, the Bombers will play their first home game against those Sharks.




Excerpt appeared on July 18, 2002

Bombers In Tourney

The Milwaukee Bombers will play for the championship of the Lake Michigan Australian Rules Football League in a tournament at Jensen Park in Elk Grove Village, outside of Chicago, this weekend.

This writer watched a quarter of a tuneup match for the tournament against the Chicago Swans last weekend at Kletsch Park. The Bombers, by the way, are officially a "sister team" of the Essendon Bombers, who are the Aussie version of the Packers.  Essendon is a small market, but has managed to traditionally field good teams.

According to the Bombers' Steve Smith, known as Rock: "The Aussies (on the Bombers) play it predominately because it's the game they know and love, and it's a taste of home for them.  Those of us who didn't grow up with it love it because it's real.  You take away the pads, and the quarterback, and everyone is a lineman, and a receiver, and a kicker, and a running back.


"It's very team oriented, since none of us wants to run the whole length of the field (180m), and we have to support each other as well with warnings and advice, usually yelled at the top of our lungs.  This is why everyone seems to end up getting a one or two syllable nickname (Rock, Boom, Bear, Gaz, J, Z, Trick, Plug)."



Excerpt appeared on July 26, 2002 

Bombers are Champs

Speaking of international sports, in case, you didn't catch it, the Milwaukee Bombers won the Lake Michigan Australian Rules Football League Championship by beating the Illinois Ironmen, 51-11, and Chicago Sharks, 32-24, in a tournament in the Chicago area last weekend.


These guys started with a few Aussie transplants who had to teach the game to a bunch of Americans who thought football should be played with a helmet. To win the league title is a fine accomplishment.

The Bombers' next scheduled game is Sept. 7 in the Chicago area. The team also might hold an exhibition game Aug. 17 in Milwaukee.


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