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Madison Mozzies
The Madison Mozzies are the "new kid on the block" this year in the 2005 Milwaukee Metro Footy League (MMFL).

Madison Mozzies 'Bite' for Metro Title

(Madison, WI) - The Madison Mozzies are the "new kid on the block" this year in the 2005 Milwaukee Metro Footy League (MMFL).  Of course, all of the Metro Teams are "new kids" this year with the revamping and reorganizing of the MMFL in its second season, but the Mozzies have taken it one step further by instituting a name change as well.

According to the Mozzie Metro Coach, Barry "Papa Bear" Arnold, "Our former name, 'Galahs', didn't symbolize the strengths of our club.  What the heck is a 'Galah' anyway?  'Mozzie', Australian for mosquito, is surely more appropriate since we plan on bugging the hell out of everyone in the league!"  Wingman Heath "Eefie" Moore, a more cerebral Madison teammate and 2005 Captain of the Milwaukee Bombers, added, "The Mozzie is also considered a Bomber in Oz and it makes sense for us to adopt the name of the Milwaukee Bombers' mascot."

According to early on favorites at the OTB in Las Vegas, the Madison Mozzies have one of the stronger Metro squads and are expected to take the MMFL premiership this year.  Center Half Forward Gary "Gazza" Hill quips, "They'll be gunnin' for us, but we're Mozzies.  We'll suck the blood right out of 'em."  Due to their similar geographies, the Madison blokes will have additional training sessions during the week (separate from the Milwaukee Bombers MAAFL training) in anticipation of the start of the 2005 MMFL on May 18th.  Halfback Stuart "Stewie" Smith also anticipates "plenty of return visits to our sponsor, Lucky's, on Regent Street", which coincidentally also changed its name during the off-season from the Oakcrest Tavern.


Here is the opening day roster for the Madison Mozzies:

  · Barry Arnold
· Dustin Checkai
· Heath Moore
· Gary Hill
· Stuart Smith

· Mitch Upton

· Paul Rigby

· Ryan Rist
· Eric Janquart
· Nick Breach

· Hollywood Schwalbach
· Rob Bolch
· Scott Cochems
· Leigh Jahn


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