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Season Preview: Metro Season 1
The 2005 Milwaukee Metro Football League (MMFL) Season 1 will commence this Wednesday, May 18, at Naga-Waukee Park in Waukesha.

Metro Season 1 Begins!


(Milwaukee, WI) - The 2005 Milwaukee Metro Football League (MMFL) Season 1 will commence this Wednesday, May 18, at Naga-Waukee Park in Waukesha.  The first game starts at 6:30pm and features the South Side Dingos (formerly the Milwaukee Cock-a-toos) playing the Golden Eagles (formerly the Milwaukee Emus).  The second match-up of the evening at 7:30pm pits the pre-season favorite Madison Mozzies against the Lake Shore Rovers, the 2004 MMFL Season 2 premiers.  Everyone is invited to the BBQ that will follow the games to celebrate the start of the 2005 MMFL Season 1.


The MMFL began in 2004 with regular games played at the Milwaukee Lakefront.  This year, however, Season 1 will be played at a spectacular location in Waukesha.  Naga-Waukee park lies along WI-83 where a tremendous amount of traffic passes by daily, which provides a large audience to watch footy being played.  The park is also located just minutes from the Milwaukee Polo Grounds, the location of the 2005 National Tournament in October, which will enable the Milwaukee Bombers to generate a familiarity with the local community during the season as the premier event approaches.


There are several objectives of the Metro Milwaukee Football League, among them, to introduce the game to new players, to showcase the sport in a highly visible location, and to allow players to practice and improve their skills in weekly competition.  Just as last year's Metro footy proved to be a success, 2005 is also primed to be very successful.   New players are encouraged to join, as the skill level of all players, from beginners to veterans of the sport, are expected to improve from week-to-week. 


Metro footy is a scaled down version of traditional Australian Rules Football.  As opposed to playing 18 players per side, metro footy games are typically played 9 per side on a field about the size of a soccer field - about half the size of a normal Aussie Rules field.  Metro footy, therefore, is a faster paced, higher scoring version of the original. With multiple teams, gives EVERYONE a chance to play footy!  Metro footy will be played on Wednesday evenings throughout the season.  Check the calendar to stay up-to-date with the location and starting times of games.


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