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Wisconsin State Journal
Paul Smith was feeling crooked - pronounced as one syllable - the other day. His outlook had nothing to do with thievery as the sound would imply; rather the Australian slang meant he felt a bit sick.

Sometimes, after basketball practice Smith is rooted (worn out). Afterward, he may don a hoodie (sweatshirt) and a pair of trackies (sweatpants), then discuss the onset of bumfluff (teenage male facial hair).
Australia's Sunshine Coast Daily

Isolation from Aussie culture in a surprisingly alien US was like grit to an oyster for one Burnside High School old boy.


The pearl that resulted after 14 years in North America is a flourishing national league of Australian rules football, bonding Aussies and Americans in extraordinary friendships.

UWM The Leader

A growing sport is sweeping through the country and has found a strong base here in Milwaukee. Australian Rules football, also known as Footy, is a game similar to soccer, rugby, and American football.


In 1997 there were only four footy teams nationwide. Today the sport has grown. Currently there are 35 clubs and over 2,000 players nationwide.


Andy Ciganek plays a major role in helping the club grow at UWM and southeastern Wisconsin. He and others close to the game are promoting the sport in schools in the area.

There are a few gentlemen, and ladies, who want to make it clear that this isn't rugby. Not that there's anything wrong with rugby, but this ain't it. This is footy - Australian Rules Football. So grab a Foster's and listen up.
You'd better familiarize yourself with terms such as barracks, banana kicks, speccy and hospital passes because the 9th Annual USA Footy League (USAFL) National Championships are at Milwaukee's Polo Grounds this Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 1 and 2.
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